Mileage Reimbursement

Upon request, RSVP will reimburse you for travel expenses between home and the volunteer station when using your personal vehicle. You must work a minimum of three hours per day to receive mileage for that day and you must be working at an RSVP Volunteer Station. There is a $25.00 limit per month.

If you do not drive, the RSVP staff can arrange for public transportation, which is also reimbursable upon request. Taxi fares are not reimbursable unless you have received prior approval from the RSVP office.

Any transportation expenses incurred during your volunteer assignment (e.g., delivering meals or transporting a client to the doctor) is generally not reimbursed by RSVP. If the assignment is for an individual, reimbursement for mileage is the responsibility of the individual.

Mileage for long distance medical trips arranged by RSVP is paid for by the agency requesting the service. However, to expedite your reimbursement, RSVP will issue a check for the trip and file the paperwork for payment by the agency.