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Medical Transportation                   

Long Distance

Transportation has been a major problem for many people with medical appointments out of town. RSVP volunteers use their vehicles to take people to St. Louis, Springfield, Peoria, Columbia and other medical facilities in the area. Volunteers receive mileage and meal reimbursement for the trip. Many clients from Blessing Hospital, the Adams County Health Dept., the IL Dept. of Human Services and private pay clients take advantage of this service. In most cases, the referring agency pays for the mileage.

Persons looking for transportation to medical appointments should call the RSVP office at 217-641-4961 at least three days prior to the trip. RSVP does not have any handicapped accessible vehicles.  Make sure RSVP is aware of any special needs.  Clients are welcome to take one additional adult with them to the medical appointment.  That person must be at the same location for pick up.  Guardians of small children requiring car seats must provide those car seats or booster seats.

Drivers will pick up clients take them to appointments, wait for clients and return them to their homes. 


Adams County RSVP will take clients to medical appointments only within the city of Quincy.  All clients are encouraged to use public transportation when possible.  Senior transportation is available to all clients 60 years of age and over.  Senior transportation is provided by the Quincy Transit Lines and includes handicapped accessible vehicles. Senior transportation will transport to all appointments including medical.  The Quincy Transit Lines also makes scheduled pick ups from rural communities. The phone number to call for senior transportation through the Quincy Transit Lines is 217-224-3535.  Clients are billed for trips taken and are only required to pay what they can afford.

In order to get transportation from the Adams County RSVP for a local medical appointment the client needs to call 217-641-4961 at least three days in advance of the appointment. Clients are encouraged to offer reimbursement to the drivers for the transportation.  Depending on the driver's schedule he or she may wait for the client, or may leave a phone number to call when ready for pick up.