Scholarships are available for students based on financial need.  Scholarships are awarded on a first come, first-served basis for those who qualify for classes only.  Those applying for a scholarship must complete a Scholarship Form, provide your most recent federal tax return and bring a completed registration form to the Community Based Outreach Office for verification.  Call 217.641.4902 for more information. 

Scholarships are awarded based off of the Federal TRIO Program guidelines:

Family Size Annual Income
1 Family Member $0-$17,655
2 Family Members $17,656-$23,895
3 Family Members $23,896-$30,135
4 Family Members $30,136-$36,375
5 Family Members $36,376-$42,615
6 Family Members $42,615-$48,855
7 Family Members $48,856-$55,095
8 Family Members $55,096-$61,335