Community Education Classes

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Arts. & Music
Title CRN Times Days Dates Instructor Price
Scrapbook an event! 61419 6-8pm Thurs. 4/16/2015 - 4/30/2015 Sheree Norman $50.00
Are your memories sitting in a box waiting to be combined into an album? Gather your photos from a vacation, wedding or special event and learn to organize them to tell your story in a completed scrapbook. Coordinate paper and embellishments to compliment your photos and complete the story with journaling. The goal for the class is one completed album. Supply list available.
Career Training
Title CRN Times Days Dates Instructor Price
Consumer Wellness Advocate 60754 8:00 am-12:00 pm Sat. 3/28/2015 - 3/28/2015 Pam Maddox $75.00
If you have a sincere interest in your own personal wellness and the well-being of those around you, enroll in the CWA workshop. Learn specific skills in 10 distinct wellness dimensions. Upon completion individuals will be added to The Wellness Registry as a Consumer Wellness Advocate. Workbook Provided.
Title CRN Times Days Dates Instructor Price
Floral Design 1 61465 6-8pm Wed. 4/15/2015 - 5/6/2015 Greg Lueckenhoff $85.00
Create a fresh floral centerpiece to take home the first night! In the second week, create a silk, dried and “designer’s choice” arrangement. Traditional and contemporary designs and trends are covered. Students must provide their own materials in weeks two through four. Supply list provided first night of class.
Health & Wellness
Title CRN Times Days Dates Instructor Price
Herbal Dental Care 61459 6-8pm Tues. 4/21/2015 - 4/21/2015 Deborah Lee $25.00
Take charge of your mouth. Learn herbs that are hepful for oral health and hygiene and potential dental problems that can be safely addressed. Go home with recipes for herbal toothpaste, mouthwash, gargles, whiteners, breath fresheners, astringents and more.
Nutrition & Cooking
Title CRN Times Days Dates Instructor Price
Cupcake Fun 61436 6-8pm Wed. 4/15/2015 - 4/22/2015 Karen Wagner $60.00
Decorate cupcakes in a variety of ways and create fondant and gum paste figures to attach. Explore different flavor combinations and fillings.
Milk & Whey Free Cakes 61464 1-4pm Sat. 5/2/2015 - 5/2/2015 Brittany Smith $50.00
Learn to bake milk and whey free. Learn how to make and ice a cake that is free of dairy products. Take home your 6” finished cake!
Mini Cakes 61478 6-8pm Mon. Wed. 5/11/2015 - 5/13/2015 Brittany Smith $55.00
Fun cakes that are great for graduation or other events! Learn to make and decorate mini cakes like trains, flowerpots, graduation caps and zombies. Take home what you create.
Title CRN Times Days Dates Instructor Price
Buying a Digital Camera 61515 6-9pm Wed. 4/8/2015 - 4/8/2015 John Gebhardt $35.00
Learn what features to look for when buying a digital camera for yourself or as a gift. Learn what features come with various price levels.
Using Digital Camera Features 61513 6-9pm Mon. 4/13/2015 - 4/13/2015 John Gebhardt $35.00
Learn how to use the icons, menus and functions to improve photos in all lighting situations. Get tips on saving, storing and saving images; how to get more pictures per memory card; how to adjust settings for low-light situations and how to set the camera to get better action photos. Bring camera and instruction manual to class with batteries charged. Consider taking the companion lab course for practice.
Using Digital Cameras Features Lab 61514 6-9pm Wed. 4/15/2015 - 4/15/2015 John Gebhardt $35.00
Designed to allow students the opportunity to locate and try features explored in the April 13 class. Photo stations are set up to help students locate and use features previously learned. Bring a well charged camera and isntruction manual.
Digital SLR Photography 61421 6-9pm Mon. 4/20/2015 - 4/20/2015 John Gebhardt $35.00
Learn which setting to use for different quality levels, varying conditions and action photos. Get tips for saving, storing and sharing your digital images. Bring your SLR camera and instruction manual to class with batteries charged.
Digital SLR Lab 61423 6-9pm Wed. 4/22/2015 - 4/22/2015 John Gebhardt $35.00
For students who took Digital SLR Photgraphy Class. Designed to help find and use features and functions of your camera. Photo situations will be set up to use features previously learned. Bring SLR camera and instruction manual with batteries charged.
Editing Your Digital Photos 61422 6-9pm Mon. 4/27/2015 - 4/27/2015 John Gebhardt $35.00
In a lab environment, learn how to scan a photo or slide and save. Learn to crop, resize and touch up from a digital photo. Also learn to cut or copy a person or item out of one photo, then paste the copied person or item into another photo. Merge multiple photos of a scene too large to capture in one shot into one panoramic photo.
Convert Your Old Movies, Video 61420 6-9pm Wed. 4/29/2015 - 4/29/2015 John Gebhardt $35.00
Learn to easily convert your old movies, videos, slides, photos and negatives into a digital format to preserve and share. Learn inexpensive photo and video programs to correct defects and restore original colors. Save images on CDs, DVDs or Hard Drives for future generations to enjoy.
Professional Development
Title CRN Times Days Dates Instructor Price
Consumer Wellness Advocate 60754 8am-12pm Sat. 3/28/2015 - 3/28/2015 Pam Maddox $75.00
Enhance wellness in the workplace. Introduction to self-evaluating 10 wellness dimensions. Upon completion, students are added to a national website to further develop wellness behaviors. Used by major business, medical and educational institutions.
Excel Basics 61479 6-8pm Tues. Thurs. 3/31/2015 - 4/2/2015 Rita Schmitt $55.00
Covers the essential functions of Excel that most people need and use. Great way to become familiar with Excel.
LinkedIn, the Business Key 61467 6-8pm Mon. Wed. 4/20/2015 - 4/22/2015 Susan Grant $55.00
Connect to colleagues, connect through thought provoking blogs in your field and connect to companies and stay informed on the latest trends and information. Learn to use LinkedIn to enhance your professional performance.
Excel for Business 61473 6-8pm Thurs. 4/23/2015 - 4/23/2015 Rita Schmitt $30.00
Become familiarized with useful formulas and tables for business application. Anyone who creates spreadsheets will find useful tips and features.
Skills for Life
Title CRN Times Days Dates Instructor Price
Social Security 61512 6:30-8pm Tues. 4/21/2015 - 4/21/2015 Mark Schlipman & David Janus MBA $20.00
Choosing when to start Social Security payments may be one of the most important decisions made when reitiring. Understand your choices and strategies to maximize retirement income.
Sustainable Living & Gardening
Title CRN Times Days Dates Instructor Price
Creating an Herb Garden Brking 61457 6-8pm Tues. 4/7/2015 - 4/7/2015 Deborah Lee $25.00
Second in a series of stand alone classes to learn about planing and growing herbs. Focus on drawing a site plan, preparing soil, acquiring seeds and starter plants as well as planting and transplanting into the plot. Dress to dig in the JWCC garden. Weather permitting, we will learn as we work.
Composting 101 61481 9am-12pm Sat. 4/18/2015 - 4/18/2015 Mark Lockett $35.00
Learn all about composting with a few simple principles. Learn how to construct a compost area, how to maintain it and the many benefits. Dress to build, weather permitting.
Creating an Herb Garden Get do 61458 6-8pm Tues. 5/5/2015 - 5/5/2015 Deborah Lee $25.00
Third in a series of stand alone clasess to learn about planting and growing herbs. Plant seeds and transplants, top dress with compost, set up watering plan, label plants and more. Dress for outdoor garden work in the JWCC garden.