Frequently Asked Instructor Questions

What is Community Based Outreach?
JWCC Community Based Outreach offers useful, enriching, and fun noncredit courses designed for personal and professional development. Open to learners of all ages, classes are short in length, affordable and offered at convenient times, including evenings, and weekends.
What does noncredit mean?
Noncredit means the classes do not carry college credit or result in a degree. Noncredit classes are designed for personal enrichment, professional development, and continuing education.
Who Takes Noncredit Courses?
Classes are open to all members of the community. The department serves approximately 1,200 students annually in Adams, Pike, Brown, Hancock, and other counties. Our programs reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, with students between 16 and 85 years old. CBO, also serves children in grades K-8th grade through the JDUB Academy (formerly Children's College) program.
Types of Courses
CBO strives to expand course offerings each semester and adapt to the needs and interests of the community. We typically offer classes on Computers & Technology, Social Media, Driver's Education, Health & Wellness, Communication, and Personal Development, and more. Classes very with each semester, and are based on the availability of instructors. If you would like to suggest a class topic, please call our office at 217-641-4941.
What are the Requirements for Instructors?
All instructors must have earned a high school diploma or GED. Instructors are expected to be familiar with the particular subject they are proposing to teach, with the ability to teach a diverse group of students at varying skill levels. 
When are Class Dates Confirmed?
Once a class proposal form is received and reviewed, potential instructors will be notified and asked to confirm the date, time, and other details. This typically occurs 3-7 days after receipt of the proposal. Once a proposal has been finalized and approved, instructors are expected to teach unless the class is cancelled or an emergency arises.
What is the Format for Noncredit Classes?
Noncredit classes are formatted based on a variety of factors, including subject matter and instructor availability. Classes take place during the evenings and on weekends to better fit the needs of working adults and active seniors. Classes can be in lecture/discussion format, or hands on with the goal of completing a project.
Successful classes typically fit this format:
     2 hours in length
     One to two meetings
     Between 6-9pm on weeknights
     Between 10am-1pm on weekends
How are Courses Marketed?
Courses are marketed in several ways. All classes finalized by the printing deadline are published in our noncredit booklet, which is distributed to local residents and businesses. Courses are also marketed through social media pages, and by email.

Can I Market My Own Course?

CBO wants instructors to be excited about what they are doing for the community and have the most successful class possible. They are encouraged to promote their course within their community, on their personal or business social media pages, and by email. We request that you do not distribute a formal press release or news statement without first contacting the CBO office.    

When will I receive my pay

Payment is processed in line with the bi-weekly college payroll process. Checks are issued after the class has ended, typically 2-3 weeks. To be paid, instructors must have completed the required process to become a temporary instructor with the JWCC Human Resources office, and submitted all course paperwork to the CBO office. 

Getting Started

Contact Lauren Jansen, Adult Enrichment Specialist at 217-641-4942 or to talk about becoming an instructor and request a course proposal form.

Proposals can be returned by:

 Mail: Community Based Outreach, John Wood Community College, 1301 S 48th St, Quincy, IL 62305

Fax: (217) 641-4192