Frequently Asked Instructor Questions

What is Community Education?
JWCC Community Education offers useful, enriching, and fun noncredit courses designed for learners of all ages.  Our classes are short in length, affordable and offered at convenient times, including evenings and weekends.
What does noncredit mean?
Noncredit means the classes do not carry college credit – the classes are shorter and are usually offered on evenings and weekends, and there are typically no exams required.
Who can use Community Education?
Anyone interested in self-development, whether personal for hobbies and recreation or professional (such as people who need continuing education credits to prepare for exams or to renew certain professional licensing).
What type of courses do you offer?
We are continuously expanding our offering of courses each semester in areas such as, but not limited to, Creative Arts, Computers & Technology, Personal Enrichment, Health & Wellness and Professional Development. Our course offerings are limited only by imagination and the availability of qualified instructors.
What are Free Forums?
Free Forums are one-time sessions sponsored by a local business or organization that are designed to be informative.  They are open to the public free of charge.
Do you have a desire to teach?
The Community Education Office at John Wood Community College has a mission to serve the educational needs of the entire community. We devote ourselves to self-development, accountability, excellence, and integrity. We believe that we have the finest group of instructors and noncredit course offerings to be found in the Tri-State area.  If you are interested in being a part of this dynamic team, please contact us at (217) 641-4905.
What are our requirements?
All you need is a passion for a subject, expertise or skill in that area, and a desire to share that knowledge with others. A sense of humor and good communication and people skills are also important. You must be flexible and have a desire to educate student regardless of age, sex, and all cultural backgrounds. If this sounds like you, please contact us!
Who are our students?
Community Education is for everyone! Our Community Education Office currently serves approximately 2,300 students annually at many different locations throughout Adams, Pike, Brown, Hancock, and other counties. Most of our students are adults ranging in age from 16-85. We have specialized programs for older adults, and Children’s College programs with classes available for those students who have completed grades K-8.
Teaching Assignments?
Once assignments are made, instructors will be contacted to verify their schedule. Any changes in the schedule should be made immediately, before that schedule is printed and distributed to the public. Courses are offered based on minimum enrollment and availability of instructional requirements (such as classrooms, equipment, supplies, qualified instructor) to ensure optimal instructional conditions. Instructors are always invited to discuss teaching assignments with their supervisor.
Course Format?
Community Education courses are formatted to be user-friendly to the general public, most of whom have full time jobs. They tend to be different from traditional education in:
    Cost:  Most people are more willing to spend smaller fees for several segments of a course rather than paying a larger, one-time fee up front.
    Time Commitment:  Many courses tend to be shorter, meet less frequently and have more flexibility to accommodate busy schedules. The limit in time commitment and lesser costs enables many adults to explore new interests.
Course Marketing?
Booklets by Mail: Schedules are mailed five times per year to approximately 51,000 homes in the John Wood Community College district.  Schedules should arrive in homes at least two weeks prior to the beginning of classes.
Press Releases: The Public Relations office at John Wood Community College sends a press release to The Quincy Herald-Whig and other surrounding area newspapers.
Target E-mail:  The Community Education Office Assistant is responsible for sending out e-mails, including upcoming course information, to previous students who have submitted a valid e-mail address.
Web:  A copy of the noncredit booklet and a list of courses and descriptions are added to the JWCC Community Education web page.  This allows members of the community with Internet access to open, view, and print a copy of the information.
How to get started?
We invite you to complete a Community Education Course Proposal Form and return it to the appropriate Community Education Specialist (see phone listing for more information); by e-mail to:; or by mail to: Community Education, John Wood Community College, 1301 S 48th Street, Quincy, IL 62305; or by fax at (217) 641-4900.  If you have questions, please e-mail or call (217) 641-4905.