FAFSA Filing Night- MCHS 2016-2017

Tue. 25th of Oct. 2016


John Wood Community College's financial aid office is holding financial aid filing nights to help families and students. The program is free and open to the public, with no reservations required. Information provided will be useful for all two-year and four-year college-bound students.

Financial aid Coordinator Julie Harper says a few things have changed to submit your application and they are there to help. Please be sure to bring the following materials (for both the student and parents) to your filing night:

  • 2015 Taxes
  • Birthdays
  • Driver's Lisence
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Date parents were married or remarried
  • Current bank account balances
  • List of assests and current worth (if you own a business)
John Wood Community College Campus