Grant and Twain Theatrical Production

Tue. 2nd of Apr. 2019 at 10:00 am


Two prominent historical figures with ties to the Quincy area -- Ulysses S. Grant and Mark Twain -- will share the spotlight during a special theatrical production Tuesday, April 2, at John Wood Community College. 

"Grant and Twain," a two-act play, will be presented in the Mary Ellen Orr Auditorium starting at 10 a.m. 

The production features two well-known living history scholars -- Curt Fields, who portrays Grant, and Warren Brown, who portrays Twain. 

The two spent 18 months collaborating on writing the play, which has been performed around the country since 2017. This marks the first time the play is being staged in the Quincy area. 

The performance of "Grant and Twain" is co-sponsored by the Historical Society of Quincy and Adams County and the Tri-State Civil War Roundtable. Costs are being underwritten by George Crickard, a Quincy physician who wanted to do something to help educate local students about history. 

The production is intended primarily for students from colleges, high schools and middle schools in the Quincy area. Students will occupy most of the show's reserved seating. Any seats not taken up by students will be made available to the public. 

"There may be a few seats left," said Beth Young, who is a member of both the HSQAC and the Civil War Roundtable. She said anyone interested in tickets should call the HSQAC office at 222-1835.

John Wood Community College Campus