Heath Gallery: Generation Painters


John Wood Community College Heath Center Art Gallery will feature Generations Painters during October.

Generations Painters will display their work in the gallery October 4 to 31. Generations Painters is a group of women who became friends through their love of oil and pastel painting.  Shirley Crank, Judy Emerick, Barb Niewohner and Esther Musolino of Quincy and Anita Little of Hannibal discovered their shared interest in painting after having children and careers.  All five have a fondness for painting portraits and have participated in classes on various subjects to explore new techniques.  They are members of local art guilds and councils and have received numerous awards for their work.

In addition to the Generations Painters exhibit, watercolors by Jane Baucom and Lois Lewton’s Porcelain Artists will display their work during the month of October.   Some of the works will be for sale.  The public is welcome to meet the artists at a reception on Wednesday, October 16 from 5 to 7 p.m. 

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