Parent PLUS Loan Process

(Loans for the biological, step or adoptive parents of students attending JWCC)

Follow the two simple steps below to apply for a Parent PLUS Loan.  Both steps must be completed before a PLUS Loan will be processed for you.  JWCC will be notified once you have successfully submitted both steps. 


  1. Parent PLUS Loan Request Application  Use this form to indicate how much and for what period (semester or year) you are requesting a loan for.  

  2. Loan Agreement (Parent PLUS Master Promissory Note) at the website.  You will e-sign this MPN electronically using your (Parent) FSA ID.  If you do not know or have an FSA ID, please visit first.   

  • Once logged into (AS PARENT), click on 3rd option:  "Complete Loan Agreement"
  • Next, click on 3rd start button for "PLUS MPN for Parents"