• Satisfactory academic progress must be maintained in order to receive the loan funds.


    • You are required to notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes to your schedule, whether adding or dropping classes. Schedule changes may impact your eligible loan amount.


    • All financial aid money received must be used for educational expenses related to your program of study at JWCC. Financial aid will be used first to pay tuition and fees at JWCC.


    • If you withdraw from classes after receiving Federal financial aid funds, you may be required to return all or a portion of the funds received. You may owe charges on your account not covered by the adjusted awards.


    • You must report in writing to the Financial Aid Office scholarships or grants received from sources other than John Wood Community College. (WIA, GAMM, DORS, Foundation Scholarships, etc.)


    • You may not receive financial aid from two schools at the same time.


    • All financial aid is awarded for one academic year only. You must reapply for financial aid each year.


    • Classes that begin late within a semester may delay disbursement of a loan.


    • Open Learning Center class start dates must be confirmed before financial aid may be disbursed.


    • Loan funds are delivered in two equal disbursements per semester.



    •  You will receive an email notification once your loans have been processed.


    • Be sure to carefully read through ALL the information that is sent to you and keep it together for future reference.


    • If you do not understand some or all of the information, please contact us and we will do our best to explain the information.


    • Loan funds come directly to the school for further processing. Two disbursements are issued for each semester.


    • Problems and delays could always occur, so try not to plan your living expenses around your expected loans.


    • Once the school has received your loan funds, you will receive an email notification stating the loan has been officially applied to your account.