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JWCC Net Price Calculator

Welcome to John Wood Community College's net price calculator. This tool helps students and their families estimate what it may cost to attend John Wood each year.

JWCC is the most affordable choice to start a bachelor's degree or to pursue a career and/or technical program for entry into the workforce.

Just look at the savings!

  • Tuition at JWCC is $163 per credit hour (in-district) or approximately $2,445 per semester or $4,890 per year (based on 15 credit hours)(cost estimates 2019-2020 academic year);
  • Tuition at area public four year colleges and universities is approximately $7,300 per semester or $14,600 per year, not including housing;
  • That is a savings of $19,420 if you take two years at JWCC;
  • The cost of tuition at most private four year colleges is approximately $13,835 per semester or $27,670 per year, not including housing.

The direct college-attendance costs of tuition, books, supplies and student fees at John Wood are joined with estimated cost for normal living expenses - such as room and board, transportation, and other personal expenses.

"Net price" is then computed by taking the total estimated cost minus any grant aid that a student may receive for the year. The net price calculator does not take any student loans into account for the year.

The information you receive from the calculator is a broad estimate only. Many factors come into play when financial aid is awarded to students including, but not limited to: deadlines, levels of funding, grade levels, extracurricular involvement and academic standing.

Disclaimer - Please read before proceeding.

I acknowledge that:

  • The calculator provides only a rough estimate of financial aid;
  • Not all students will qualify for all of the aid that the calculator indicates may be available;
  • The calculator should not be used as the primary means of selecting a school;
  • The calculator is not designed to replace the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students should file the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1 each year.
  • Institutional aid is awarded based on individual application processes and must be applied for separately from the FAFSA process.

Families who have high incomes or significant assets will not receive an accurate estimate of financial aid eligibility through the Net Price Calculator. Please contact a financial aid officer at JWCC for more information.

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