Auditorium Request Form

Event Information

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Event Information

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Dates and Times

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Please list dates and times needed. Include any set up, tear down, rehearsals, etc.

Overflow Area

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The seating capacity of the auditorium is 293. The use of the auditorium includes use of the stage. Please check any other rooms that will be required for your event. Please fill out a Special Events Set-up Request for additional set-up.

Technical Information

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full stage is required for presentations

If mircophones are needed, please select how many of what kind from the drop-downs below.

House will provide a cassette and CD deck. House does not provide music

Lighting other than general purpose must be specified to IT at least 5 days prior to event.

Video projector, VCR, DVD, Document Camera, and Computer with internet access.

Requesting organization is responsible for tuning if needed.


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