Academic Rigor

It may be too much of a well-kept secret that John Wood offers rigorous programs and instruction for high-achieving students.

This may be a secret simply because JWCC provides education for students at every level, so some may think classes can't be that rigorous.

This is not the case.  Students' course selections can be matched based on academic ability regardless of the chosen institution.

High-achieving students have the incredible opportunity to connect with JWCC prfoessors who have worked on Nobel Prize-winning cancer research, are practicing attorneys, expert nurses, professional musicians and published authors.

Another reason JWCC remains a well-kept secret is that graduates often attend regional universities, however, many have successfully completed their college careers at prestigious institutions such as Purdue University, University of Texas, University of Illinois, Northwestern University and more.  While there, they've studied everything from aerospace engineering and Biblical studies to sports journalism and law.