Meet the Staff:

IT Help Desk
Voice: 217.641.4325
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Applications Administrator
Seth Brammer
Voice: 217-641-4317
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Audio\Video Coordinator
Garris Brown
Voice: 217.641.4540
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Computer Technician
Denver Garkie
Voice: 217.641.4321
Email Denver

Database Administrator
Margaret Steinbrecher
Voice: 217.641.4322
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Director of Information Technology
Josh Brueck
Voice: 217.641.4320
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Manager, Enterprise Applications
Vicky Harrison
Voice: 217.641.4327
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Network\Security Administrator
Voice: 217-641-4347

PC Administrator
Andrew Terford
Voice: 217.641.4316
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Server Administrator
John Entrup
Voice: 217.641.4324
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Software Licensing Administrator
Gina Chapman
Voice: 217.641.4326
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Systems Analyst
Kaitlyn Winship
Voice: 217.641.4342
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Systems Administrator
Kyle Pho
Voice: 217.641.4323
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Web Applications Administrator
Leonard Craft III
Voice: 217.641.4319