General Education Goals

General Education Goals

Minimum Student Learning Outcomes

(Student will be able to:)

1.  Demonstrate an awareness of human values and diverse cultures. 1.1  describe attributes of a culture different from one's own.
2.  Explain economics and politics from local, national, and world perspectives

2.1  explain the function of an economic system.

2.2  explain the function of a political system.

3.  Demonstrate interpersonal skills and behaviors to promote the achievement of personal and group goals in the workplace and society. 3.1  work in groups effectively.
4.  Use critical thinking. 4.1  make rational decisions and solve problems.
5.  Communicate effectively using verbal, nonverbal, listening and written skills.

5.1  write clearly.

5.2  deliver an oral presentation.

6.  Demonstrate the ability to evaluate and apply information technology.

6.1  utilize current computer software.

6.2  demonstrate information seeking skills.

7.  Explain the importance of facilitating and adapting to change. 7.1  explain the importance of adapting to change.
8.  Demonstrate an awareness of humanities and fine arts (applies only to AA and AS degrees).

8.1  demonstrate an awareness of the humanities.

8.2  demonstrate an awareness of the fine arts.