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Job Description

Looking for someone with computer programming knowledge, specifically one or more of the following languages: Proficiency in C. This will be used for embedded development on an AVR chip. Anyone with C++ experience works just as well since C++ is a superset of C. Proficiency with Python for real-time tasks and back-end web development on IOT-like devices. Experience with PHP for front-end development on IOT-like devices. Basic Linux experience on the command line: Navigating directories, editing files, Mounting SD cards. Being able to read/write shell scripts is a plus. Electrical/electronic skills are also desired, as the majority of C code will be embedded work. Someone experienced with the Arduino platform would be a good fit. Good troubleshooting abilities, such as basic understanding of cause and effect, are extremely beneficial, as tech support calls are common. Linux/UNIX experience is not required, but helpful. PCB Board Layout skills highly beneficial. Additionally, it would be great to find someone with the following:

• Ability to read electrical schematics and use oscilloscopes to debug embedded software.
• Experience with SQL/SQLite or other database languages.
• Being able to use Git and Make for software management.
• Experience with JavaScript and using jQuery.
• Knowledge of serial interfaces like UART, SPI, I2C.

Any experience tinkering with Arduinos or Raspberry Pis

(Alternately, in list form:)

Experience/skills desired:

  • C programming language
  • Arduino platform
  • Eagle PCB Layout
  • Python and PHP
  • Some electronics knowledge
  • Logical troubleshooting
  • Linux/UNIX

Job Type: Full-time

How to Apply

Please submit resumes to Scott Disselhorst at