Business Intelligence Analyst




LaunchCode offers pair programming apprenticeships with an experienced developer at top companies including MasterCard, Panera, Riot Games, and more. Our goal is to fill open IT positions by removing credential barriers, linking learners with free resources, and creating an on-ramp to jobs through apprenticeships with companies.


LaunchCode is looking for highly analytical data junkies who enjoy coding, but don't want to be software engineers. We want to meet people who get excited about analyzing and manipulating tons of data.



We want to meet you if you enjoy:

-Wrangling data from multiple sources

-Working with several large and complex SQL databases

-Designing and building reports and analyses in Excel

-Desire to learn about business principles and processes




The apprenticeship program:

-Will place you with an experienced professional

-Pays $15/hr for the duration of the program.

-Places you at companies interested in offering you a full-time, salaried position

-Provide free educational resources to accelerate your learning


Our stats:

-90% of LaunchCode apprentices get offered full-time employment

-On average last 84 days (longer or shorter depending on how hard you work)



How to apply

Please apply through our website. Go to, then click "I want a job!"