Front-End Developer




LaunchCode offers pair programming apprenticeships with an experienced developer at top companies including MasterCard, Panera, Riot Games, and more. Our goal is to fill open IT positions by removing credential barriers, linking learners with free resources, and creating an on-ramp to jobs through apprenticeships with companies.


We are currently looking for hardworking and motivated individuals who are interested in expanding their career horizons and development skills. Ideally you are coming to us with some experience writing (X)HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. An understanding of the concepts of progressive enhancement, mobile first and future friendly design is also highly encouraged, but what you really need is a passion for coding, the ability to take constructive criticism, and a desire to learn and grow.


We are interested in speaking with you if you want to improve or already have experience with any of the below:

-Familiarity with browser testing and debugging

-Some experience in performance optimization using tools such as YSlow or PageSpeed

-Ample experience navigating Photoshop and saving images for the web.

-Custom Theming in WordPress, Drupal and/or Magento

-Basic understanding of PHP

-Basic understanding of JavaScript

-Understanding of OOP

-Contributions to OpenSource projects on GitHub a plus

-Writing semantic, modular front-end code using HTML5, CSS3, and W3C coding practices




The apprenticeship program:

-Will place you with an experienced front-end developer

-Pays $15/hr for the duration of the program

-Places you at companies interested in offering you a full-time, salaried position

-Provide free educational resources to accelerate your learning


Our stats:

-90% of LaunchCode apprentices get offered full-time employment

-On average last 84 days (longer or shorter depending on how hard you work)


How to apply

Please apply through our website. Go to, then click "I want a job!"