Correctional Culinary Instructor

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Job Description

Description of Essential Functions (critical tasks):

Job Summary: Responsible for teaching courses and labs in the Commercial Cooking Certificate program.


·         In cooperation with other instructors concerned, prepare or revise guides for courses offered in their division and submit to the appropriate Administrator for review.
·         Teach classes assigned by the Associate Dean and approved by the Vice President, following course outlines approved by the College.
·         In cooperation with other instructors concerned, prepare textbook recommendations and submit to the Associate Dean.
·         Submit purchase order requests for instructional materials, books, required commodities and supplies to Associate Dean for approval.
·         Report attendance and grades as prescribed by the Associate Dean.
·         Attend faculty meetings called by the administrative officers.
·         Be on work site for 37.5 hours per week (30-minute lunch).
·         Arrive at work site prior to beginning of established shift.
·         Arrive at the classroom prior to the scheduled class time.
·         Serve on such committees for the betterment of the College as may be established by the administration and faculty.
·         Assist in registration as needed.
·         Consider the general and special needs of the student. Assist students in meeting needs or solving problems when necessary, seek additional help from other college services.
·         Observe, support, and enforce the regulations, policies, and programs of the College and inform the President in writing of any problem that might have a detrimental effect on the College.
·         Conduct oneself in a professional manner.
·         Notify the appropriate Administrator well in advance of absences.
·         Maintain inventory and control of flammable and caustics.
·         Maintain accurate control of tools and keys on assignment.
·         Prepare EGGC forms, task lists and attendance reports as required.
·         Maintain hourly count check on students.
·         Assist institutional personnel during emergency situations.
·         Comply with Illinois Department of Corrections regulations and procedures.
·         Maintain equipment assigned to area.

Specific Functional Job Requirements

Education: Associate Degree preferred, Food Service Sanitation Certificate required.
Experience: Teaching Experience Desired. Experience in Food Service Required.
Knowledge: Nutritional Requirements.
Skills Preparation and serving of commercially cooked items. Knowledge of food preparation techniques. Knowledge of sanitation and safety as well as food presentation. Must have good communication skills.
Personal: Good Interpersonal Skills.
Physical: Must be able to lift and transport 50 pounds. Ability to perform general classroom activities. Drug Testing Required.
Machines and equipment used: Blenders, Mixers, Steam Vats, Stoves, Ovens, Microwave, Choppers, Cutters and a variety of hand tools.

How to Apply

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