Barrington, IL Police Department – Certified Police Officer

IO Solutions

Job Description


  • US Citizen
  • Be a current, full-time, sworn, Illinois municipal police officer, Illinois state trooper, or Illinois county sheriff’s deputy who possesses a State of Illinois certification according to Illinois law with at least two years of continuous service with current department and be in good standing at time of hire.
  • Also must possess substantially equivalent skills and abilities as a current Barrington police officer with the same experience.
  • Must be age 21 at date of
  • Maximum of 34 years of age at time of application (except as otherwise provided by Illinois law)
  • High school graduate or equivalent
  • At least 60 hours of college credits with a “C” average or better
  • Valid driver’s license (requires a valid Illinois driver’s license at date of hire)
  • Must pass the police officer wellness (POWER) test administered by the Barrington Police
  • Compliance with the Barrington Police Department’s Appearance Policy. Specifically no visible tattoos allowed.

A $35 application fee will be collected at time of application.

How to Apply

How to Apply: • Purchase and complete your application at • Submit all supporting documentation to I/O Solutions by hand or mail • Complete your application by Friday, May 7th, 2021