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Job Description

The driver is responsible for the safe, efficient transport of passengers and/or movement of vehicles as dispatched to them by the West Central Mass Transit District Dispatcher(s).




  1. Drivers are responsible for the safe, efficient transport of all consumers to destinations within and outside the WCMTD boundaries as prescribed by the Operations Director.
  2. Responsible for monitoring the mechanical and physical attributes of the transit vehicles.
  3. Responsible for accurate completion of all required trip reports
  4. Know and abide by all rules and regulations of the transportation industry as regulated by federal, state and local governmental agencies.
  5. Other duties as assigned by the supervisor or Managing Director.




  1. All successful candidates must submit to and pass an initial alcohol and drug test prior to employment and pass subsequent random drug and alcohol tests.
  2. All successful candidates must submit to a background check prior to being hired. The cost of the background check is the responsibility of the candidate and will be reimbursed once the candidate has successfully completed 90 days of employment with WCMTD.
  3. All successful candidates must hold at a minimum a current, class A state of IL drivers license
  4. Successful candidates will be able to take and pass all necessary IDoT and Secretary of State driving tests
  5. All employees will take and pass basic first aid, CPR and AED courses provided by WCMTD.
  6. All employees will attend workshops on the following subjects as required by FTA, IDoT and WCMTD
    1. Effects of Drugs and Alcohol
    2. OIG Rule 50
    3. Defensive Driving
    4. Emergency Procedures
    5. Passenger Assistance
    6. Distracted Driving
    7. Recognition of, and appropriate response to Harassment & Bullying
  7. Clean driving record.  Successful candidates must provide a driving record for the past 5 years from the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  8. Employees must be able to kneel, bend, push and pull, use hands, arms, knees, and legs in a manner which will allow them to assist passengers with disabilities on and off a WCMTD vehicle, secure mobility devices, and assist elderly and disabled passengers with packages.




  1. Drivers must be able to read, write legibly, follow instructions, perform simple basic mathematical equations; and make change
  2. Basic computer knowledge/skills.
  3. A high school diploma or its equivalent is preferred.

How to Apply

Applications can be obtained at our Pittsfield office located at 260th Ave, Pittsfield, IL 62363 or Beardstown office located at 8460 Saint Lukes Dr., Beardstown, IL 62618 or on our website,