Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Center

The JWCC Southeast Education Center is pleased to announce that GED testing is now available at the center. Starting June 4, 2018, the Center became a Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center. Examinees must register via the GED Testing Service website.

GED General Information

What is the GED test?

The 2014 GED test is a four-subject high school equivalency test that measures skills required by high schools and requested by colleges and employers. The four subjects are Science, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning Through Language Arts. Visit GED Testing Service to sign up today and get started!

Eligibility to take the GED Test

An individual is eligible to take the GED Test given they meet the guidelines listed below:

•          17 years of age or older

•          is not a high school graduate or GED graduate

•          has maintained residence in the state of Illinois for thirty days

Note: If an individual is of school age and has been enrolled in a public, private, or a home school setting in the last 12 months, they must present a withdrawal letter from the last school enrolled before registering to take the GED test.

Exceptions: An individual may be eligible to take the GED test at 16 years of age only if they meet all of the following criteria:

  •        has maintained residence for thirty days in the State of Illinois; and

•          enrolled in an alternative education program under Section 2-3.81, 13A, or 13B of the Illinois School Code; or

•          enrolled in a youth education program under the Illinois National Guard (i.e.,Lincoln's Challenge)

An individual who takes the GED Test must show an acceptable form of identification that displays the name, address, date of birth, signature, and photograph. The acceptable forms of identification are listed below:

•          a valid driver's license

•          a valid passport

•          a military ID

•          other State of Illinois issued identification

What to Expect During the GED Test

Examinees must arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of testing and present a current (non-expired) government photo ID (i.e., driver's license, state ID, military ID, or other form of government-issued ID) to be admitted to test.

 Examinees are not permitted to bring purses, tote bags, cell phones, electronic devices, food items, calculators, textbooks, notebooks, jackets, coats, hats, or other nonessential items to their seats in the testing room. All such items will be collected and stored in a locked cabinet.