Adams County RSVP Recognizes Volunteers for Service at 40th Annual Recognition Banquet

The Adams County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) recognized 75 volunteers with milestone service awards and inducted six members into the organization’s Hall of Fame, during the 40th annual RSVP Recognition Banquet.

The RSVP program, sponsored in part by JWCC, consists of 498 volunteers who provide 91 area agencies with 77,359 hours of service.

Former RSVP volunteers inducted into the RSVP Hall of Fame were:  Robert Rouse, Bea Schwartz and Paul Sickman of Quincy. Bruce Bartelt, Roger Cave, and Lewis Walker were inducted posthumously. Sharon Wharton of Quincy was presented the Supporting Our Success (SOS) award.  Wharton has spent many hours promoting and educating the community about the RSVP program at fairs and events.  She was instrumental in organizing the annual program advertising fundraiser. 

Current members recognized with milestone service awards were:

Thirty years of service Marietta Baumgartner of Quincy.

Twenty-five years of service Marjorie Benz, Dorothy Bizer, Audrey Egerton, Vernon Heaton, and Viola Schmiedeskamp of Quincy; and Florence Terry of Ursa.

Twenty years of service Jean Berblinger, Mary Dedert, Ron Dedert, Gwen Kenady, Inez Koch, John Maxwell, Aileen Mecum, Robert Murphy, Pauline Richmiller, Betty Wright, and Melba Zimmerman of Quincy.

Fifteen years of service Jean Arp, Mary Bissell, Carolyn Hagood, Harry Hendricks, Anita Laaker, Kenneth Laaker, Hwa Lair, Joyce Mester, Nan Olson, Pat Stegeman, Joe Sutcliffe, Bernice Kee Wagner, and Marvin Winking of Quincy.

Ten years of service Sue Altheide, Letha Althoff, Carol Ames, Marilyn Ayers, Maurine Baugher, George Belker, Rosalie Blentlinger, Lorna Bradley, Roger Brod, Sandy Callahan, Alvena Campbell, Gail Canavan, Lois Croxton, Martha Disseler, Catherine Drummond, Jim Fisher, John Gebhardt, Ione Hildebrand, Paul Morey, Janett Mueller, Mary Lou Schoch, Robert Shackleton, Arlene Walker, Eugene Willimann, Mary Wilson of Quincy; and Yvonne Smith of Clayton.

Five years of service Lois Coonrod, Becky Dawson, Dorothy Doellman, Glenn Gage,  Isabelle Hillerts, Ron Larner, Ray Markword, Gerald Mast, Marian McKeon, Richard Parise, Joan Rinne, Charmaine Starman, Charlotte Stroot, Vera Weems, Mary Weyant, Larry Wottman of Quincy; Liz Akers of Liberty; and John Hibbert of Paloma.

For more information on RSVP activities or to learn how to become a volunteer, contact Julie Bates at (217) 641-4961,, or visit or Adams, Brown & Pike County RSVP on Facebook.