JWCC Summer Dean’s List Announced

JWCC main campus building
August 15, 2022

JWCC Summer Dean’s List Announced

One hundred eight at John Wood Community College have been named to the dean’s list for the 2022 summer term.

To be named to the dean’s list, a full-time student must be enrolled for nine or more credit hours and must earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.  A part-time student must have accumulated at least 15 semester hours, be enrolled for fewer than nine credit hours during the current term and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Students named to the dean’s list, listed according to mailing address, include the following:

Augusta IL Burch Tera
Baylis IL Lumley Logan
Baylis IL McEvers Jewel
Camp Point IL Fifer Gary
Camp Point IL Patton Leigha
Camp Point IL Pracht Ethan
Canton MO Marigliano Paige
Carthage IL Freeman Kylee
Carthage IL Newman Marissa
Chambersburg IL Murphy Mason
Dallas City IL Hunter Ashton
Dixon IL Shipman Joshua
Fowler IL Edelman Cassidy
Fowler IL Kenning Kassidy
Fowler IL Moss Dalton
Fowler IL Tenk Dawson
Fowler IL Tenk Jacob
Fowler IL Todd Caitlyn
Fowler IL Wellman Lesia
Hannibal MO Crea Rita
Hannibal MO Hume Emily
Hannibal MO Ketsenburg Tracy
Hannibal MO Slater Anthony
Hull IL Schanbacher Kylee
La Grange MO Anderson Rachel
La Grange MO Kirtlink Corbin
Liberty IL Frey John
Liberty IL Hummel Katelyn
Liberty IL Sparrow Lowell
Lomax IL Webster Brady
Loraine IL Howell Blake
Louisiana MO Gloe Caitlyn
Manito IL Lazoen Patrick
Mendon IL Dixon Noah
Monroe City MO Baymiller Jessica
Mt Sterling IL Behymer Kaiya
Mt Sterling IL Gustafson Dusty
Mt Sterling IL Ham Kyndall
Mt Sterling IL Houston Siera
Mt Sterling IL Kassing Sadee
Mt Sterling IL Markert Claire
Mt Sterling IL Mayfield Lowell
Mt Sterling IL Taylor Krista
Mt Sterling IL Utter Emma
New London MO Plumb Philip
Palmyra MO Gard Troy
Palmyra MO Rosenmeyer Virginia
Pearl IL Graham Phillip
Pearl IL Hoover Katherine
Pittsfield IL Fry Dana
Pittsfield IL Haskins Kadence
Pittsfield IL Klatt Carter
Pittsfield IL Lacey Tayleigh
Pittsfield IL McEwen Delaney
Pittsfield IL Olson Nancy
Pittsfield IL Scranton Nathan
Pittsfield IL Webel Hadyn
Pittsfield IL White Audrey
Plainville IL Boone Derek
Plainville IL Klingele Christian
Pleasant Hill IL Kirgan Eric
Quincy IL Arnold Zoey
Quincy IL Berger Bradley
Quincy IL Bliven Abigail
Quincy IL Boernson Deana
Quincy IL Bonner Sajuada
Quincy IL Cain Logan
Quincy IL Charity Megan
Quincy IL Crider Adonte
Quincy IL Dralle Tyler
Quincy IL Duong Phuc
Quincy IL Fox Nolan
Quincy IL Frankenhoff Erica
Quincy IL Frese Gavin
Quincy IL Geiser Susan
Quincy IL Gunsten Thomas
Quincy IL Hagerbaumer Connor
Quincy IL Heilwagen Emma
Quincy IL Hilbing Lydia
Quincy IL Hinkamper Isaac
Quincy IL Hoener Amber
Quincy IL Holton Haley
Quincy IL Johnson Elianna
Quincy IL Kim Matthew
Quincy IL LaTour Kaitlyn
Quincy IL Leach Kayla
Quincy IL Lish Brandon
Quincy IL Lubbert Abbey
Quincy IL McVey Casey
Quincy IL Muse Thomas
Quincy IL Peek Bradley
Quincy IL Reichert Claire
Quincy IL Rupert Jackson
Quincy IL Schaffer Lexi
Quincy IL Schneider Jade
Quincy IL Schreacke Johnathan
Quincy IL Smith Melinda
Quincy IL Steinkamp Dalton
Quincy IL Utters Kayla
Quincy IL Walbring Kyle
Sugar Grove IL Ahasic Daniel
Taylor MO Wegman Kristen
Timewell IL Houser Kaitlin
Versailles IL Sussenbach Pyper
Virginia IL Bell Owen
Warrensburg MO Walston Jordan
New Castle England Smallwood Adam
Tegucigalpa Honduras C Wu Juan




John Wood Community College is the educational link between business and community. JWCC collaboratively creates innovative and relevant academic and training programs with business leaders to educate young people and the workforce for today's needs and tomorrow's opportunities. JWCC has centers in Quincy, Pittsfield, Baylis and Mt. Sterling, Illinois. Programs include a comprehensive baccalaureate transfer curriculum, customized business training, career/technical degrees, certificates, and personal enrichment courses.