JWCC Summer Dean’s List Announced

JWCC main campus building
August 6, 2021

One hundred eighteen students at John Wood Community College have been named to the dean’s list for the 2021 summer term.

To be named to the dean’s list, a full-time student must be enrolled for nine or more credit hours and must earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.  A part-time student must have accumulated at least 15 semester hours, be enrolled for fewer than nine credit hours during the current term and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Students named to the dean’s list, listed according to mailing address, include the following:

IL Liberty Lee Austin
IL Barry William Banks
IL Mendon Madison Beck
IL Quincy Kimberly Beswick
IL Quincy Wilson Betz
IL Griggsville Jennifer Bingham
IL Quincy Cooper Bonness
IL Griggsville Wesley Bradshaw
IL Quincy Brennan Briddle
MO La Grange Taylor Bringer
IL West Point Tera Burch
IL Quincy Clara Carter
IL Quincy Madison Cegas
IL Quincy Paige Cegas
IL Barry Abigail Coonrod
IL Liberty Allison Coonrod
IL Quincy Tatum Covey
IL Quincy Justin Crow
IL Quincy Sean Davis
IL Rockport Shannon Davis
IL Quincy Ricardo De Vicente
IL Carthage Jacob Dorothy
IL Carthage Leah Dorothy
MO Palmyra Bryon Dorsey
IL Quincy Erika Eaton
IL Pittsfield Elexis Ebbing
IL Quincy Julianna Eden
IL Princeton Scott Etheridge
IL Quincy Victoria Felde
IL Clayton Stephanie Ferrell
IL Camp Point Gary Fifer
IL Mt Sterling Wyatt Fink
NY Fort Drum Payton Flora
IL Timewell Avery Foster
IL Meredosia Jalyn Frevert
IL New Canton Noah Gay
IL Mendon Lauren Gille
IL Quincy Isabelle Goldinger
IL Quincy Toni Grimm
IL Mt Sterling Dusty Gustafson
IL Quincy Brianna Hale
IL Mt Sterling Kyndall Ham
IL Mt Sterling Olivia Hea
IL Quincy Maacah Heberlein
IL Liberty Shawn Henson
IL Quincy Kaylee Herlein
IL Quincy Lindsay Herren
IL Quincy Melissa Hess
IL Clayton Alexis Johnson
IL Quincy Elianna Johnson
IL Mt Sterling Sadee Kassing
IL Ursa Audrey Kaufman
IL Quincy Haley Kerkhoff
IL Pittsfield Kaitlyn Ketchum
IL Carthage Aubrey King
IL Quincy Emma Krause
IL Quincy Noah Krause
IL Moline Jason Leemans
IL Baylis Avery Lewis
IL Liberty Hannah Longlett
IL Quincy Laura Madsen
IA Iowa City Benjamin Makins
IL Mt Sterling Claire Markert
IL Perry Renae Martin
IL Quincy Christina Mayfield
IL Quincy Patricia McAfee
IL Bluffs Kacie McCleery
MO Perry Terry McDonald
IL Quincy Kayla McElroy
IL Quincy Jonathan Melvin
IL Timewell Megan Miller
IL Pittsfield Madison Moore
IL Fowler Dalton Moss
MO Hannibal Madison Moss
IL Baylis Bailey Mowen
IL Quincy Cassandra Moya
MO Canton Jaspreet Natt
IL Liberty Justine Obert
IL Liberty Zoey Obert
IL Pittsfield Nancy Olson
IL Clayton Jeremy Partlow
IL Quincy Bradley Peek
IL Quincy Adelyn Penn
IL Payson Livia Perry
IL Chambersburg John Phillips
IL Quincy Kaleb Poage
IL Camp Point Ethan Pracht
IL Quincy Donissa Raymond
IL Mt Sterling Amanda Renzulli
IL Clayton Allyson Riley
IL Quincy Haley Rost
IL Pittsfield Lauren Saxe
IL Mendon Krista Schrader
IL Barry Stephanie Seidelman
IL Camp Point Levi Siebers
IL Quincy Amanda Sill
IL Quincy Alisha Skwara
IL Hull Taylor Smith
IL Pittsfield Kameron Smithers
IL Barry Paige Snyder
IL Liberty Lowell Sparrow
NC Hampstead Abigail Stanley
IL Quincy Dalton Steinkamp
MO Canton Bobbie Sutton
MO Hannibal Lisa Trendle
IL Quincy Shelby Trenter
IL Quincy Carson Triplett
IL Quincy Kayla Utters
IL Camp Point Alaina Vance
IL Pearl Griffin VanWinkle
IL Quincy Brianna Vogel
IL Liberty Kenzey Wagner
IL Sutter Lisa Weeks
IL Pittsfield Iva Welbourne
IL Meredosia Nathan Werries
IL Pittsfield Ariana White
IL Quincy Justine Williams
IL Golden Kylie Wilson


John Wood Community College is the educational link between business and community. JWCC collaboratively creates innovative and relevant academic and training programs with business leaders to educate young people and the workforce for today's needs and tomorrow's opportunities. JWCC has centers in Quincy, Pittsfield, Baylis and Mt. Sterling, Illinois. Programs include a comprehensive baccalaureate transfer curriculum, customized business training, career/technical degrees, certificates, and personal enrichment courses.