Login Directions

Login Directions For Online Courses 

Login instructions:

  1. Visit: http://www.jwcc.edu/
  2. Click on BlazerNet Student Portal.

    BlazerNet Student Portal Link
  3. To access courses, click on the Canvas button in the Launch Pad.  It may be necessary to enter your login credentials.   

    Canvas Launch Pad

    NOTE: If you do not know your JWCC student account login, call or visit Information Technology:  217.641.4325. Room B024.   Click here to view their hours of operation.

  4. Once on the dashboard of Canvas, click on the course to access assignments, gradebook and other important information. 

    Canvas Dashboard

    NOTE: If your course isn't showing on the dashboard, click Courses in the main Canvas menu.  Click on All Courses.  Locate the course and click the star next to the name of the course to fill the star.  The courses with colored stars will show up on your dashboard.

    Star By Course Highlighted