Professional Nursing Assistant

The professional nursing assistant certificate provides a broad knowledge base in communication and medical terminology to enhance daily interaction with professional healthcare teams, as well as patients and their families. Advanced skills in rehabilitation, physical therapy, and restorative nursing provide students with an understanding of the goals necessary to enhance the quality of life for an aging population in various healthcare settings.

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Suggested Degree Plan for Professional Nursing Assistant Certificate
Do not use this degree plan as a substitute for an advisor. Always meet with an advisor to discuss your specific needs for completing the program before signing up for classes each semester.
FYE 101 Blazing Your Trail Details 1
Directed to new students, this course provides a supportive transition to the culture of higher education. Course objectives aim at preparing students for the college experience by acquiring effective learning techniques and by becoming aware of available college resources for academic and personal growth. This course also develops students' abilities, which will assist them with the complexities of college life.
Prerequisites: (none)
NUA 101 Basic Nurse Assistant Details 6
This course provides theoretical and clinical foundation for skills needed to practice as a nursing assistant with introduction to nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and disease processes. Skills are included to prepare students to acquire and maintain employment. Course is required for the basic nursing assistant certificate.
Prerequisites: Admission to the CNA program; concurrent enrollment in NUA 103
NUA 103 Nursing Assistant Practicum Details 1
Introduces the student to the clinical setting with supervised practice of basic patient care. The focus is on application of principles of patient care skills and developing competencies in the long-term care setting. Course is required for the CNA certificate.
Prerequisites: Admission to the CNA program; concurrent enrollment in NUA 101
NUA 107 Physical Rehabilitation Aide Training Details 2
This course will prepare the nursing assistant to provide rehabilitation services for residents living in licensed long-term care facilities. Topics include philosophy, purpose, and techniques of rehabilitation and restorative nursing; medical terminology and abbreviations used in assessment and physical rehabilitation; and normal aging and disease processes associated with aging.
Prerequisites: Certified nursing assistant or consent of department
OFT 260 Customer Service Details 3
This course prepares students to meet and exceed customer service expectations of both internal and external customers. The course addresses attitude and personal approach with customers; resolution of customer conflicts and complaints; importance of nonverbal communication and listening skills; appropriate telephone, online and written communication; professionalism; and stress and time management.
Prerequisites: (none)
OFT 281 Medical Terminology Details 3
Teaches medical language of prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms. Students will learn to pronounce and spell medical terms and also learn how to combine prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms to describe a medical term. Course utilizes a body system approach focusing upon specific body systems and providing a brief overview of anatomy and physiology, pathology, word roots, related terms, and special procedures with emphasis on building a working medical vocabulary based on body systems.
Prerequisites: (none)