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Industrial Technician – Electrical

This six-class certificate prepares students to support manufacturing facilities or large industrial complexes through a variety of electrical tasks, including repairing wiring, conduits, fixtures and other electrical devices, as well as running electronic tests and inspections. During the program, students are eligible to take the nationally recognized Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Safety assessment, which is part of the Certified Production Technician (MSSC-CPT) credentials. Graduates have the option to continue their education by pursuing the AAS degree in Industrial Maintenance Technology or entering the workplace.

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Suggested Degree Plan for Industrial Technician - Electrical Certificate
Do not use this degree plan as a substitute for an advisor. Always meet with an advisor to discuss your specific needs for completing the program before signing up for classes each semester.
ELE 110 Introduction to Electricity Details 3
Course provides a comprehensive study of electronic theory, practices and fundamentals. Laboratory activities explore the underlying principles of DC and AC circuitry through measurement analysis and problem solving strategies. 2 lecture hours, 2 lab hours.
Prerequisites: (none)
ELE 135 Programmable Control Details 3
A practical and theoretical approach to the installation, programming, and maintenance of programmable control (PC) equipment. The course develops skills in the application of PC equipment and computers in manufacturing processes. Practical laboratory activities are provided. 1.5 lecture hours, 3 lab hours.
Prerequisites: IMT 120 or consent of department
IMT 110 Industrial Wiring Details 2
This course is designed to provide a theoretical framework for the understanding of industrial wiring and its applications with hands-on activities to reinforce the concepts introduced. Students will learn about the electrical power distribution and the installation and wiring of industrial electrical equipment. 1 lecture hour, 2 lab hours
Prerequisites: (none)
IMT 120 Industrial Motors & Controls Details 3
This course is designed to provide a theoretical framework for the understanding of motors and controls and its applications with hands-on activities to reinforce the concepts introduced. Students will learn about motor control systems, devices, circuits and troubleshooting. 1.5 lecture hours, 3 lab hours
Prerequisites: (none)
MAT 100 Technical Mathematics Details 3
A course designed to cover mathematical processes and problems that relate to career, technical and workforce applications. Specific topics include fractions; decimals, ratio, proportion and percentage; measurements; and area and volume.
Prerequisites: (none)
MFG 113 Introduction to Manufacturing & Industrial Safety Details 3
This course provides students with an introduction to the manufacturing world and provides specific instruction to facilitate safe work practices in industrial environments. It introduces manufacturing specializations such as mechatronics, precision machining and welding and covers fire safety, pressurized gases, electrical hazards, safe machine usage, and lock out tag out. Students learn concepts of industrial noise, machine guarding, electrical safety, chemical exposure, hazardous waste, Worker's Compensation laws, liability, and general safety precautions for the workplace. Course content is based on the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician curriculum and OSHA standards. Students will qualify to sit for MSSC-M1-Safety Certification through the MSSC.
Prerequisites: (none)

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