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The Quincy Promise is a four-year pilot program led by the City of Quincy to promote career, technical, health and workforce education for graduates of Quincy’s high schools.

It will provide funding for students who pursue such programs at John Wood Community College that lead to careers that are in high demand by employers in the area. The program is funded privately by local industries.

In the next four years, more than a thousand professional positions will be open in the Quincy area for individuals with new technical skills that can be learned at JWCC. Annual salaries for many positions may be up to $50,000 a year or more.

The Quincy Promise is focused on providing grant funding to students who pursue career, technical and health academic programs (applied associate degrees or certificates at JWCC) to help employers fill the new technical positions in the future. It does not apply to JWCC transfer programs, which are designed to provide general education and some academic major courses that transfer to four-year universities throughout the area, Midwest, and country.

First-time college students entering JWCC career/technical/health programs who make application to The Quincy Promise within one year of their high school graduation date from any Quincy secondary school (2016-2019 graduates based on funding availability) will be eligible for funding.

Funding priority will be given to first-time college students entering preferred JWCC Applied Associate degree or certificate programs who make application for admission to The Quincy Promise within one year of their high school graduation date. The assistance will be used for the first credential (degree or certificate) declared at the time of application.