Courses and Times

Spring 2015 (January 12 – May 14)  (internet access required) (Online)

JWCC has a number of course offerings during the spring. Please check online to see a full listing of course offerings. (Select spring 2015)



BUS 101 (3) (61170) Introduction to Business – A functional view of various aspects of business.  Emphasis on the operation of a business and the relationships to the environment in which it exists.

Computer Science

CSC 106 (3) (61179) Introduction to Computers – An introductory course in which students learn basic terminology, equipment, history, various software including operation system and application software, and the impact of the computer in society. 


ENG 101 (3) (61194) Rhetoric and Composition I - Prerequisite: JWCC appropriate placement test score. An introductory course in writing at the college level with attention to skills needed at each stage of the writing process.

ENG 102 (3) (61198) Rhetoric and Composition II - Prerequisite: completion of ENG 101 with a grade of “C” or above. A continuation of ENG 101; provides further practice in writing at the college level for a variety of purposes and audiences, using both fixed and open or developing forms.  Research paper required.  IAI:C1 901R


HIS 102 (3) (61220) Western Civilization II – A survey of the political, social and economic history of the Western world, including the origins and development of its peoples and cultures beginning with the Renaissance and Reformation and progressing to the present. IAI: S2 903

HIS 122 (3) (61223) US History II – History of the United States from 1877 to the present.  IAI: S2 901


MAT 109 (3) (61235) Elementary Statistics - Prerequisite JWCC Math Placement test score. A study of the collection and interpretation of statistical data. Specific topics include description of sample data, probability, probability distributions, sampling, estimation, testing hypotheses, correlation, and regression.

MAT 113 (3) (61238) College Algebra - Prerequisite JWCC Math Placement test score. Topics include advanced factoring of higher order polynomials; solving quadratic inequalities; advanced topics in relations, functions and their graphs; zeroes and graphs of polynomial and rational functions; and exponential and logarithmic functions.


MUS 102 (3) (61244) Music Appreciation - A non-technical course designed for the non-music major, to develop within the listener an appreciation of music. Includes brief historical background of music and the leading composers.


PHL 201 (3) (61251) Major World Religions – A study of the great religions of the world today. IAI: H5 904N


PSC 101 (3) (61253) American Government - Fundamentals of federal, state and local governments with emphasis on national government, including the Constitution of the United States. IAI: S5 900


PSY 101 (3) (61256) Introduction to Psychology- Basic introduction to the major areas of psychology – the study of behavior and the mind.  Areas of emphasis include human development, personality theory, learning, thinking, stress and motivation, mental illnesses, and biological and social aspects of behavior.  Course will combine research with real life application throughout. IAI:S6 900


RST 101 (3) (61270) Introduction to the Bible – A study of Jewish and Christian scriptures from a historical viewpoint with emphasis on literary genres in the Bible and the relationship to western culture.  IAI: H5 901


SOC 101 (3) (61274) Introduction to Sociology - An introduction to sociology as a way of understanding the world and how it applies to everyday life. Major theoretical perspectives and concepts are presented including socialization, culture, the social construction of knowledge, social control and deviance, inequality, race and ethnic relations, poverty, and the sociological imagination.

SOC 111 (3) (61278) Social Problems – Social problems facing the United States today and identifies how these problems impact and are impacted by our institutions and culture. The course examines the causes of various social problems, the effects of these problems on society and possible remedies or policies.  IAI: S7 901

Career Technical Offerings

(courses are part of certificates or degrees leading to careers)

MFG 101 (2) (61240) Manufacturing Processes and Production (March 16 – May 14) – Basics of how manufacturing transforms materials into products. Students will learn about the varying types of production and will learn about the materials used in production.

MFG 102 (2) (61239) Introduction to Manufacturing/Safety (January 12 – March 6) – Provides students with an introduction to the manufacturing world and provides specific instruction to facilitate safe work practices in industrial environments.

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