Advisor Policies


A. Each club shall select an advisor and seek approval by the Coordinator of Student Life.  A club may have more than one advisor, but only one primary advisor.

B. The primary advisor's signature shall be included on the petition for official recognition.


A. The advisor is to serve as a resource person, one who makes suggestions, adds comments or offers constructive proposals which will aid the club in fulfilling its objectives.

B. An advisor is an integral part of the club. Without an advisor, a club has no authority to meet or even exist at JWCC.

C. The advisor shall be present whenever the club conducts any activity which is considered an official club function.


A. To encourage similar interests of the club.

B. To promote respect and consideration among club members and for the club’s purpose.

C. To encourage and assist the club to be active and to have a significant role at JWCC.

D. To be familiar with JWCC policies and regulations, SGA constitution, as well as the club's constitution.

E. To inform the club members of JWCC and SGA policies.

F. To be present at scheduled meetings and activities of the club.

G. To assist the club treasurer with the club’s budget and financial transactions.

H. To be a liaison between the club and the SGA.

I. To make sure that all club activities are in compliance with requirements established by the SGA and Board of Trustees.


A. The advisor shall advise in the planning and execution of the activity or event.

B. The advisor shall be in attendance on the day/night of the activity, and remain there until its completion.

C. Functions are considered official when club or JWCC funds are utilized or when the activity is conducted under the club’s name, and all members are extended either a written or an oral invitation.

D. If the club advisor cannot attend the club’s event, an alternate JWCC staff member may serve as a substitute.

E. Clubs or organizations shall plan their meetings and special functions at a time that their advisor is able to attend.


A. Each advisor shall sign an advisor stipend contract for the current academic year.

B. If all policies are adhered to by the advisor, the advisor is eligible to receive his/her stipend in December & May.

C. If an advisor stipend contract is activated different from standard procedures, a pro-rated stipend will be awarded.

D. At the end of each year, advisor performance and duties shall be evaluated by their respective club members.

E. For more information regarding the advisor stipend contract, contact the Coordinator of Student Life at 217-641-4944 or by email.