The Student Government Association is an organization that provides a forum for students to express themselves on matters of mutual concern and to advise the administration on student issues.


I.             NAME

A.            This organization shall be known as the Student Government Association; the SGA.


II.            PURPOSE

A.            To form a system of participation in student affairs and encourage diversity throughout the institution;

B.            To provide for the expression of student opinion and concerns;

C.            To facilitate programming for student development;

D.            To approve and oversee organization of all extra-curricular student groups;

E.            To allocate funds for JWCC extra-curricular student activities; and

F.            To recognize and support student organizations.



A.            Membership in the SGA is open and encouraged to all students currently enrolled at JWCC;

B.            Requirements

a.            All SGA members must be currently enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours;

b.            Must be in good standing with the institution;

c.             All students on an academic, leadership or officer waiver are required to be active members of the SGA.

C.            Duties of Members

a.            To attend all SGA meetings and participate fully by voting or recommending action on issues;

b.            To notify the advisor in advance if he/she will be absent from a meeting;

c.             To serve on committees and participate in activities that support the SGA;

d.            To have a sincere interest in the welfare of the student body and assist students with grievances;

e.            To recruit new SGA members;

f.             To understand and abide by the SGA Constitution, Bylaws, and parliamentary procedures;

g.            To consult and confer regularly with the Executive Team, Advisor, and other members and remember that the activities of the organization should be planned and carried out by its members;

h.            Other duties as assigned.



A.            The Executive Board is comprised of the elected officers and the Coordinator of Student Life. It meets regularly to prepare for SGA related business. The Executive Team is empowered to act on behalf of the SGA when the SGA is in adjournment;

B.            Each Blazer Activity Team is led by SGA officers and is comprised of regular SGA members. 

C.            Ad Hoc Committees shall be established as necessary, with the approval of the Advisor;

D.            Student representatives shall serve on various JWCC college-wide committees. Committees that involve John Wood Community College, the JWCC district, and the State of Illinois are examples of such committees.



A.            The elected officers shall be the Student Trustee, President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer;

B.            A Parliamentarian may be appointed if the President needs assistance using parliamentary procedures in the SGA meetings. They would follow the same duties specified for all officers.

C.            Candidates must be currently enrolled in at least six credit hours (in two of any three semesters for the academic year) and maintain a cumulative 2.5 grade point average.

a.            Talent Waiver requirements override officer requirements.

D.            All candidates are required to attend the Candidates Forum to state their reason for running in the election.

E.            Elections will be conducted in April by secret ballot vote in booths set up at each campus. The election shall be by simple majority vote of the student body. Write-in candidates shall be allowed.

a.            SGA members who are running for office will not be allowed to set up, distribute, or count the ballots.

b.            In the event of a tie, a recount shall be conducted and a special election will take place if necessary.

F.            Candidates are permitted to campaign starting the day following the forum and will conclude the day before voting;

G.           Terms of office will be one year, effective at the SGA end of year banquet.

a.            There is no limit to the number of terms an SGA member may run or hold an office.

b.            Members can only hold one officer position at a time.

H.            Vacancies shall be filled by special election vote. Recommendations for vacancy will be provided by current executive officers, voted by general assembly and must be approved by the advisor. 


VI.          OFFICERS

A.            Requirements

a.            All SGA Executive Members must be currently enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours;

b.            Maintain a minimum a grade point average of a 2.5;

c.             Any member falling below these standards shall be granted one semester on probation in order to raise his/her academic standing. After one semester, if the minimum requirements are not met, he/she shall be removed from their leadership position.

B.            Removal of an officer may occur at any time

a.            Not fulfilling duties of office in accordance with the SGA Constitution and By-Laws.

b.            Two un-excused absences from SGA meetings.

i.              Defined as being absent without notifying the Advisor

c.             Not maintain the minimum enrollment requirements or cumulative grade point average of 2.5.

d.            Being in violation of JWCC policies and/or SGA Constitution and By-Laws.

e.            The following procedures shall be followed for possible removal:

i.              A typed statement detailing the reasons for removing the member from SGA bearing the signatures of at least 1/3 of the SGA members must be presented to the SGA Advisor.

ii.             The individual in question is notified, by the Advisor.

iii.            A 2/3-majority vote of SGA members present must then be cast.

C.            Duties of All Officers

a.            To be aware of the needs, opinions, and concerns of the student body and report them to the Student Government Association;

b.            To attend all SGA meetings and participate fully by voting or recommending action on issues;

c.             To be prepared for all meetings by reading the minutes and agenda in advance, and by arriving on time;

d.            To notify the advisor in advance if he/she will be absent from a meeting;

e.            To serve on committees and participate in activities that support the SGA;

f.             To support and oversee student organizations and the intramural program;

g.            To have a sincere interest in the welfare of the student body and assist students with grievances;

h.            To recruit new SGA members;

i.              To understand and abide by the SGA Constitution, By-laws, and parliamentary procedures;

j.             To participate in orientation and training sessions for officers and SGA members;

k.            To consult and confer regularly with the SGA advisor, and remember that the activities of the organization should be planned and carried out by the students, not the advisor;

l.              Other duties as assigned.


VII.         ADVISOR

A.            The SGA must have, minimally, one advisor present whenever official business is conducted;

B.            The primary advisor will be the Coordinator of Student Life; in his/her absence a JWCC faculty or staff member will be appointed to act as advisor;

C.            The duties of the Advisor include but are not limited to:

a.            To advise the Student Government Association;

b.            To advise the Executive Team;

c.             To oversee all Blazer Student Organizations;

d.            To advise advisors of student organizations;

e.            To be present at all SGA meetings.



A.            Advisors

a.            Selection

I.             Each club shall select an advisor (JWCC employee) and seek approval by the Coordinator of Student Life and the Dean of Students.

II.            A club may have more than one advisor and their stipend shall be divided accordingly.

b.            Role of the Advisor

I.             The advisor is to serve as a resource person, one who makes suggestions, adds comments or offers constructive proposals which will aid the club in fulfilling its objectives.

II.            It is strongly encouraged that the advisor (or an alternate JWCC employee) be present whenever the club conducts any activity which is considered an official club function. Functions are considered official when club or JWCC funds are utilized or when the activity is conducted under the club's name.

III.           It is required for the advisor to be present if the content of the activity may be viewed as potentially harmful and put the college in a liable situation.  (i.e. sports clubs).

c.             Responsibilities

i.              To encourage similar interests of the club.

ii.             To promote respect and consideration among club members and for the club’s purpose.

iii.            To encourage and assist the club to be active and to have a significant role at JWCC.

iv.           To be familiar with JWCC policies and regulations, SGA constitution, as well as the club's constitution.

v.            To inform the club members of JWCC and SGA policies.

vi.           To be present at scheduled meetings and activities of the club.

vii.          To assist the club treasurer with the club’s budget and financial transactions.

viii.         To be a liaison between the club and the Coordinator of Student Life

ix.           To ensure all club activities are in compliance with requirements established by the SGA & Board of Trustees.

d.            Advisor Stipend

i.              A stipend check will be distributed in two installments, half in the fall and half in the spring, and shall be written to each eligible club advisor through the normal payroll process and subject to withholdings.

ii.             To be eligible to receive advisor compensation from the SGA, a club representative must attend or submit minutes to be read at each SGA monthly meetings.

iii.            If a contract is activated different from the standard academic year, a pro-rated stipend shall take effect.  If there is an adjustment of advisors, new contracts shall be issued.

B.            Starting a new Student Organization or Club

a.            Submit Application for new Blazer Student Organization

i.              Must state reason for establishment, club objectives, membership qualifications;

ii.             Must have identified Advisor;

iii.            Must have signatures of minimally 5 inaugural members.

b.            Make presentation at SGA meeting

i.              Club may be approved by a  2/3-majority vote of SGA members present


IX.           MEETINGS

A.            All SGA meetings shall be conducted by Robert’s Rules of Order with the Coordinator of Student Life serving as acting Advisor; he/she must be present. In his/her absence, a JWCC staff member will be appointed.

B.            The SGA, Executive Team, and Blazer Activity Teams shall meet at least once a month. Special meetings may be called by The Executive Team, Advisor, Dean of Students, or President of the College.

C.            All students are welcome to attend meetings and participate in discussions. All students are encouraged to vote during the election of officers, and during the ratification of the SGA Constitution. Officers are each entitled to one vote on issues presented in SGA meetings; the SGA President shall vote only in the case of a tie.


X.            FINANCES

A.            The budget (BAT Teams and Student Organizations) shall be adopted each year by the Executive Team in collaboration with the Coordinator of Student Life. 

B.            After the SGA budget has been approved, student organizations may receive funding from the SGA by following all SGA guidelines and by attending monthly SGA meetings (August through May).



A.            The SGA Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3-majority vote of SGA members present or during the summer session by the Executive Team and Coordinator of Student Life.

B.            SGA governing documents shall consist of the Student Government Association Constitution and By-Laws; both shall be reviewed annually.