The student government association is an organization that provides a forum for students to express themselves on matters of mutual concern and to advise the administration on student issues.


  1. I.                    NAME
    1. This organization shall be known as the Student Government Association; the SGA.


  1. II.                 PURPOSES
    1. To form a system of participation in administrative affairs and encourage diversity throughout the institution


  1. To provide for the expression of student opinion and concerns


  1. To facilitate programing for student development


  1. To approve and oversee organization of all extra curricular student groups


  1. To allocate funds for JWCC extra curricular student activities


  1. To recognize and support student organizations


  1. III.               MEMBERSHIP
    1. Membership in the SGA is opened and encouraged to all currently enrolled students at JWCC.


  1. Students who attend on the first meeting will receive voting rights. In the event of an unexcused absence, voting rights will be lost. To be regained, member must attend two consecutive SGA meetings.


  1. Student must provide explanations of anticipated absence to Coordinator of Student Life 72 hours prior of meeting date to maintain voting rights; granting excused absence will be to the discretion of the advisor.


  1. IV.               OFFICERS

The elected officers shall be the Student Trustee, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Activities Chair. A Parliamentarian may be appointed if the President needs assistance using parliamentary procedures in the SGA meetings. Requirements and duties shall be as specified in the SGA By-Laws.



  1. The Executive Board (referred to as E-Team) is comprised of the elected officers and the Coordinator of Student Life. It meets regularly to prepare for SGA related business. The E-Team is empowered to act on behalf of the SGA when the SGA is in adjournment.


  1. The Blazer Activity Team is led by the SGA Activity Chair and is comprised of regular SGA members.  The Blazer Activity Team allocates budgeted to it by the SGA. Each Blazer Activity Team must submit a report of finances to the Activity Chair prior to each SGA meeting. The Activity Chair will then provide the report to the SGA Treasure.


  1. The Inter-Club Council (ICC) is chaired by the SGA Vice-President and is comprised of at least one member of each student organization on campus. The ICC is governed by the SGA. All ICC activities shall be coordinated with the SGA Vice-President.


  1. Ad Hoc Committees shall be established as necessary, with the approval of the Coordinator of Student Life.


  1. Student Representatives shall serve on various JWCC college-wide committees. Committees that involve John Wood Community College, the JWCC district, and the State of Illinois are examples of such committees.



  1. Notices will be posted announcing election opportunities and procedures. Candidates must be currently be enrolled in at least six credit hours (in two of any three semesters for the academic year) and maintain a cumulative 2.5 grade point average. Election information shall be available at each campus, and each student will be responsible for submitting their letter of intent to the Student Life office by the deadline specified on the election information sheet. All candidates shall attend an election rules meeting prior to campaigning and follow the rules as stated in the SGA By-Laws.
  2.  Introductions- Introduction of candidates will take place at the regular SGA meeting following the deadline for letter of intents. All candidates are required to attend the Candidates Forum to state their reason for running in the election.
  3. Elections will be conducted in April by secrete ballot vote in booths set up at each campus. The election shall be by simple majority vote of the student body. Write-in candidates shall be allowed. SGA members who are running for office will not be allowed to set up, distribute, or count the ballots. The ballots shall be counted and results posted by mid-April. In the event of a tie, a recount shall be conducted and a special election will take place if necessary.
  4. Terms of office will be one year, effective with the SGA end of the year banquet. There is no limit to the number of terms an SGA member may run or hold an office. Members can only hold one officer position at a time.
  5. Vacancies shall be filled by special election vote; by approval of the SGA Executive Team.
  6. Removal of an officer may occur at any time:
    1. Not fulfilling duties of office in accordance with the SGA By-Laws.
    2. Two un-excused absences from SGA meetings. (An unexcused absence is defined as being absent without notifying the Student Life Coordinator)
    3. Not maintain the minimum enrollment requirements or cumulative grade point average of 2.5.
    4. Being in violation of JWCC policies and/or SGA construction and By-Laws.

The following procedures shall be followed for possible removal:

  1. A typed statement detailing the reasons for removing the member from SGA bearing the signatures of at least 1/3 of the SGA members must be presented to the SGA Coordinator of Student Life.
  2. The individual in question is notified, but the Coordinator of Student Life.
  3. A 2/3-majority vote must then be cast by the SGA.



  1. All the SGA meetings shall be conducted by Robert’s Rules of Order and with the coordinator of student life present. In their absence, a JWCC staff member will be appointed.
  2. The SGA, Executive Team, and Blazer Activity Teams shall meet at least once a month; with the Inter-Club Council meetings at least once a quarter. Special meetings may be called by The Executive Team, Coordinator of Student Life, Vice President of Student Services, or President of the College.
  3. All students are welcome to attend meetings and participate in discussions. All students are encouraged to vote during the election of officers, and during the ratification of the SGA Constitutions. Officers are each entitled to one vote on issues presented in SGA meetings; the SGA President shall vote only in the case of a tie. With the Coordinator of Student Life shall be present at each Executive Board meeting, In their absence, a JWCC staff member will be appointed.
  4. A majority of members must be in attendance at SGA meetings to conduct official SGA business.



  1. The budget shall be amended and adopted each year by the Executive Team. The budget must be approved by a simple majority vote of the SGA.
  2. After the SGA budget has been approved, student organizations may receive funding from the SGA by following all SGA/ICC guidelines and by attending monthly SGA meetings (August through May).



The SGA Constitution of By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3-majority vote by the SGA.