SGA Executive Board & Senators

SGA Executive Board

The Executive Team (E-Team) is composed of elected student officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and student trustee), Student Activities' Chair, and the SGA advisor. The Executive Officers are elected by the student body during the spring semester and receive tuition waivers for their service and leadership. The E-Team meet bi-monthly to develop the SGA budget, establish agendas, and discuss student-related issues. The E-Team is empowered to act on behalf of the Student Government Association when the SGA is in adjournment.

SGA Members

Members of the Student Government Association is composed of appointed and volunteer student representatives at the college. They are the active voice of JWCC students in the SGA whereas they make up the majority of the voting members and are encouraged to bring suggestions to the SGA meetings. Members provide a supporting role to the SGA E-Team by serving on committees and assisting with SGA activities and programming. This group is allowed to make recommendations to the SGA E-Team, Coordinator of Student Life, Blazer Activity Teams, and Blazer Student Organizations in an effort to meet the needs and desires of the student body, in addition to decisions regarding allocations of the SGA budget.


Voting Rights

Any student who attends the first SGA meeting of the year is considered an official member of the Student Government Association and is given voting rights. Students who are unable to attend the first meeting must be present at two consecutive SGA meetings to be considered members and acquire voting rights.