•  Students should submit the "Graduation Application Form" on the left-hand side as early as their second-to-last semester. Submitting this form prior to registration for your final term will provide you with an early evaluation and help you to meet all graduation requirements. Meeting graduation requirements is ultimately the student's responsibility.
  •  Applications will be evaluated by the Registrar's Office and the student will be notified if they will be eligible for graduation. 
  •  The Dean of Student's office will notify all students who have applied and are eligible for graduation of diploma order information and ceremony information. The cost to order diplomas is $35.00 and includes cap & gown and honor cords (if applicable) for those who wish to participate in the ceremony. This years' ceremony information:  

                                     FRIDAY, MAY 19th @ 6:30 p.m. 

                         in the Student Activity Center at Main Campus

  • After final grades are posted and degrees are awarded, diplomas will be ordered for those who have paid. Typical printing and processing take 8 weeks. Diplomas for these students will be mailed. Please note that all outstanding financial obligations must be met with the College or degrees and transcripts will be held.