Career Builder

Breckon Bice ‘10
JWCC Associate in Fine Arts
WIU Bachelor’s in Construction Management ’12
Career: Project Engineer, Neenan Co., Ft. Collins, Colorado

Like many college freshmen, Breckon Bice ’10 began as an undecided major. While at JWCC, she found her passion and took courses to build her career.

Growing up, Bice tinkered around construction job sites as part of her dad’s business. A fascination with design and architecture took shape, so she decided to learn more in art history, 2D and 3D design and drawing courses at JWCC.

Bice also followed an athletic blueprint at John Wood. She played two years of volleyball and enrolled in coaching and business classes. It was the blend of those experiences that formed the foundation for her future success.

“While earning my degree I took classes in several different industries to find what I wanted to do for a living,” Bice shared. “The biggest lesson in that was finding what I was truly passionate about.”

The finished project for Bice was an Associate Degree in Fine Arts (AFA), which serves her well in her current role as a project engineer with the Neenan Company, a construction and architecture firm in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“My art history classes involved architectural concepts over time periods,” Bice said. “That really helps now when I’m involved in restoration or remodeling projects that tie past features into a future building.”

Bice shared that her JWCC drawing classes also help her connect with clients.
“Those concepts really benefit me now to do a rough sketch for a client and actually be able to dictate my ideas clearly.”

The design courses equipped Bice with conceptual knowledge and skills, while the coaching and business classes assist with her daily duties as a project engineer.

She is currently working on a $24 million elementary and high school addition and remodel in Telluride, Colorado. On any given day, Bice can be found managing multiple contracts, supervising subcontractors, negotiating with clients and working
on strategy development.

Next on the punch list is continued education. With JWCC and WIU degrees and work experience in her tool belt, Bice plans to begin a master’s degree in construction or business to build upon her solid foundation.