Faces of Educational Talent Search

ETS serves students in grade school, junior high, and high school throughout many of the districts in the JWCC area. Advisors meet with ETS participants, on average, 1 time per month at the school during a non-core class (ex: study hall, gym, homeroom, etc.)

Meet the Advisors

Learn more about the advisor that serves your school and look for them soon. When you see them in your hallways, be sure to get more information about the awesome program, benefits, and activities that are provided to ETS students.

Miracle Mallory

Miracle has been part of the ETS family since November of 2007. Her background is in social work with a Master's degree in Education. Miracle serves the students at Quincy Junior High, Southeastern Junior and Senior High School, Unity Middle and High School, and Camp Point Central Junior and Senior High School.

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Kristi Stadler

Kristi joined ETS in December of 2007. She obtained an associated degree from John Wood Community College before finishing up at Quincy University with a degree in social work. Kristi can be found serving grades 6-12 at Bluffs, Brown County, Griggsville/Perry, Meredosia-Chambersburg, and Western schools.

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Cindy Unmisig

Cindy has proudly served ETS since 1993 and has guided many students towards success after high school. With a social work background, she graduated from Quincy University.  Cindy currently serves Quincy Public Schools at Baldwin and Senior High, and Liberty middle and high school.

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Tabbatha Hildebrand

Tabbatha started her journey with John Wood Community College in November of 2010 where she served as a retention advisor with students in the campus TRIO program. She joined ETS in December 2013. Tabbatha's background is in education as she holds a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, a Master's degree in Special Education, a Specialist degree in Education Administration and is currently working on her Doctorate of Educational Leadership. Tabbatha is the advisor for Payson and Pleasant Hill schools and is the Supervisor of our program.



Rob Hodgson

Joined the ETS staff November of 2012. His background is in secondary and post-secondary education. He graduated from Western Illinois University with both his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Education. Rob is the Director of Support Services, including the ETS Grant.

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Patti Hibbard

Patti is the program assistant for ETS. She started working for the Trio programs November, 2007 and came to ETS July, 2012. Patti keeps our office running smoothly by assisting the advisors and supervisor with sending out mailings, handling important forms, keeping student information up to date, as well as many other job duties. Patti has many years of experience in office work and working with students. Patti always puts her best effort to help make sure the ETS program is at its best!

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