Interested in Working for UB?

Upward Bound provides many opportunities for employment throughout the year. While certain positions are hired year-round, we have some positions that we hire at certain times of the year. If you are interested in working for us, we would like to know even if we are not currently hiring. We will contact you when we begin the interviewing process. Listed below are positions that we hire for every year:

Marketing & Public Relations Internship

Flyer for Marketing & Public Relations Internship Position



Flyer for Tutor Position

Tutors assist students during the school year with their academics. We need tutors in all academic areas during the school year, especially in math, science, English, and foreign languages. Tutors are needed to serve all targeted schools (listed under program information.) Tutors usually work in the afternoons or evenings during the school year. Tutors need to provide their own transportation and transportation costs.


Summer Program Resident Assistants & Evening Supervisor

Flyer for Summer 2018 for Resident Assistant

Flyer for Summer 2018 for Evening Supervisor

Summer Resident Assistants are hired to work in the summer, usually during the months of June and July. Resident Assistants supervise and mentor students during the evenings, and stay in the dorms at Quincy University with students. Resident Assistants are also responsible for assisting students with leadership and committee activities, as well as providing supervision during trips and events. Interviewing for these positions begins around March.


Summer Program Instructors

Flyer for Summer 2018

Summer Program Instructors are hired to work in the summer, usually during the months of June and July. Instructors teach subjects in math, science, English, and foreign language. Instructors are to provide instruction in subjects in a non-traditional way. Courses are to be designed to provide hands-on learning, and to be connected to real-world careers and jobs. Students are enrolled in these courses to provide a jump-start for the upcoming school year. Interviewing for these positions begins around March.