Academic Coaching & Tutoring

Online Tutoring

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At, you can get the help you need 24/7 by logging onto the website. For most subjects, you can get help all hours of the day and night within 60 seconds. only hires professionals with a bachelor's degree or higher, so all tutors are going to really know their subjects well. Subjects available are a very wide range from high school level all the way up to college level courses (including AP courses.) You are also able to utilize to prepare for the ACT or SAT test! The website is easy to use and does not require any equipment other than a computer with internet access (if you need tutoring in a foreign language, you will need access to a microphone and speakers, which UB can loan out to you.) With this option, you get academic coaching in the privacy of your own home (if you have internet access.) If you don't have internet access, then take your laptop somewhere where there is free Wi-Fi. If you don't have a computer, UB can loan a laptop out to you. All UB students have access to UNLIMITED tutoring for the entire year, so please use it!

In Person, One-on-One Academic Coaching & Tutoring

We have hired professionals and college students to help you either in your academics or to prepare for your ACT/SAT test. You request tutoring through your advisor or the UB manager, and we will coordinate with you and the academic coach to arrange a weekly meeting time, day and location that works best for you and the academic coach. Contact the UB manager at 217-641-4348 or request by sending a remind message.

PLATO Courseware

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PLATO Courseware

All UB students have access to Plato Courseware. Plato Courseware is an online system that you can access when you are struggling in your classes or don't understand what is going on. Perhaps you don't feel the need to get a tutor, but would like to access the subject from your class to learn it in a different way. Plato courseware has several high school courses in the cores subjects of English, Math, Science and Foreign Languages. Use this option if you would like to learn a subject in a different way than you did in class. Content includes videos, tutorials, practice tests and quizzes. The only catch to using Plato courseware for UB students is that only one student can be inside of the courseware at one time (like a parking spot.) If you can't log-in, then try again later.

Other Homework Help Websites

Khan Academy
How to Study
Class Zone - Textbook Finder
Discovery Education
Record Nations - Note Taking Tips

Tutoring to Students in the Community 

If you are looking for a tutor and you are not in the Upward Bound Program, we have a list of tutors that are available to the community. You can download this form that includes tutors that have been screened, hired, and trained by the Upward Bound Program. Please be aware that each tutor charges their own rate for students not in the Upward Bound Program.

Tutors Available to the Community