UB Academies Make-up Activities

Back to School UB Academy 2019-2020

Students Must Complete and Submit all Academic Year Forms in order to receive a stipend during the Academic Year. These forms were also mailed to your home to complete.

Academic Year Form - Student Update

Academic Year Form - Medical History & JWCC Release of Liability

Academic Year Form - Student/Parent Contract

You must also review the following documents to complete the questions.

Handbook 2019-2020

Handbook PowerPoint

Also handed out at the Academy were yearly tasks lists that tell you what you should be focusing on this year.

9th/10th Grade Task List

11th Grade Task List

12th Grade Task List

1st Quarter Academy 2019-2020

Directions to Makeup the Academy Makeups due Fri. Dec. 13th, 2019.


2nd Quarter Academy 2019-2020

Directions to Makeup the Academy Makeups due Fri. Jan. 17th, 2020.