No more excuses for you.
You took the first step!

The hardest part is choosing to get started...really.
Don't worry...there is still time to get set up for classes.

You can fill out this form and one of our advisors can help you through the process, or you can get started with the online admission form and the rest of the steps are listed below.

Just remember. We are here to help you every step of the way.


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Step 1:

Complete a JWCC Admissions Information Form.

Step 2:

Send official records of any prior high school or college-level education to the JWCC Office of Admissions.

Step 3:

Attend Orientation (prior to registering for classes).
Orientation sessions are scheduled regularly and last about 90 minutes.
Call the Office of Admission for an appointment at 217.641.4314.


Step 4:

Meet with a JWCC Counselor/Advisor and REGISTER!