College for Life

The path to greater inclusion, independence and contribution within your community!

College for life students raise their hand to answer the professor's question

JWCC enriches lives through learning by providing accessible educational opportunities and services at an exceptional value. College for Life (CFL) extends that mission to students with IDD, allowing JWCC to better reach the community as a whole.

Fall classes start on August 16. Tuition is due on August 6.

Four easy steps to apply for the College for Life program

  1. Submit the online application.
  2. Send your most recent IEP by email to the CFL Coordinator or by regular mail to JWCC CFL, 1301 S 48th Street, Quincy, IL  62301.
  3. Contact your high school to request a copy of your transcript sent to JWCC Admissions.
  4. Schedule a required meeting (virtual or in-person) with the CFL Coordinator.

Questions? Contact the CFL Coordinator at 217.641.4340 to make sure that the program fits your needs, or your student’s needs, before you register and pay tuition.


College for Life is for students 18 years of age and older who:

  • Have an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD), or similar learning challenge.
  • Want to continue their education beyond high school.
  • Want to take non-credit courses.
  • Want to be part of campus life.

Students who are ages 18-21 and still receiving special education services are encouraged to consider College for Life. CFL can be a part of an effective IEP Transition Plan. Dual-enrolled students can continue receiving special education services from their school district while attending CFL. The CFL Coordinator is available to talk to parents and educators interested in this option.


Students are responsible for:

  • Transportation to and from campus.
  • Lunch. (Like any other student – bring your own, buy on campus, go out with a friend.)
  • Getting around campus. (No supervision will be provided outside of the classroom.)
  • Self-care needs.
  • Following the College Code of Conduct. (Do not be a danger to yourself or others. Do not interfere with learning.)
  • Payment of tuition.

Nick Burgess

“We never dreamt that a program like this would ever be available for Nick. Nick has a completely different attitude going to JWCC than he did in high school. He has a great attitude at home and talks non-stop after being picked up both days. We are amazed and so grateful! Nick is so very fond of all of his instructors. We have never experienced the excitement that Nick has when he comes home. The last 2 weeks have been such a pleasant surprise.”
Jill Burgess, Nick’s mother


Tuition is $250 per course. Some courses may also have supply fees which are typically $25 – $50 per course.

Scholarships may be available through the JWCC Foundation (217.641.4105).

Unfortunately, Medicaid, Social Security, disability service funds and federal and state financial aid cannot cover College for Life tuition. However, ABLE account funds may be used for education expenses.  Families and students are encouraged to reach out to civic and faith-based organizations to inquire about new scholarship possibilities.

CFL Instructor


CFL Classroom

College for Life courses are non-credit and include a variety of topics to prepare students for a fulfilling adult life in their communities.

Classes meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 2:50 PM each 16-week semester (August – December;  January – May). Classes are 50 minutes long. CFL follows the JWCC academic calendar.

A Learning Coach or volunteers may be available in classes to assist students. Instructors will consider diverse learners when choosing information and activities for the courses.

Certificate Option

Students may choose to take individual courses or seek a College for Life Certificate, which demonstrates students’ independence, work readiness, and preparation for adult citizenship in the community.

To complete the certificate, students must successfully complete 8 CFL core courses plus 10 elective courses. Developmental college courses, audited courses, or regular college credit-bearing courses may also be included.

A suggested three-year course of study is outlined below which assumes students will take the minimum required 3 courses only, will begin in the fall, and that the semester they begin JWCC will be the first semester of their college experience. However, the College for Life Certificate program is a creative, flexible, and individualized process that students may complete in a shorter or longer time period.

  • May continue taking CFL electives as desired with no minimum number of courses per semester.
  • Will be enrolled in CFL elective courses during open registration after certificate-seeking students have completed early registration and be enrolled in CFL elective courses only as space allows.
  • Must meet with the CFL Coordinator for approval to enroll.
  • May take CFL core or elective courses.
  • Must take a minimum of 3 CFL courses/semester (unless there are less than 3 courses available).
  • Will be enrolled in CFL courses during open registration after certificate-seeking students have completed early registration.
  • Will be enrolled in CFL courses only as space allows.

Fall 2021 Courses

CRNCourse TitleTuitionRequired / ElectiveRoomDaysTimesInstructor
35056First Year Experience$163 in-district / $273 out-of-districtRequired (1st year)D158T9-9:50Lonsberry
35108Self-Advocacy 101$125Required (1st year)D158Th9-9:50Westmaas
35109Workforce Prep$250Required (3rd year)D115T/Th9-9:50Fierge
35110Positive Communication$250Required (1st year)D158T/Th10-10:50Ginster
35111Healthy Relationships 2$250Required (3rd year)D115T/Th10:10-50Fierge
35112DIY Adulting 1$250ElectiveD115T/Th11-11:50Ginster
35113Fitness 2$250ElectiveG112T/Th11-11:50Lonsberry
35114QU Math$250ElectiveD115T/Th1:1-1:50Westmaas
35115Medical Advocacy$250ElectiveD158T/Th1:1-1:50Lonsberry
35116Cooking for One$250 ($30 supply fee)ElectiveD159T/Th2-2:50Ginster
35117Everyday Scripts 1$125ElectiveD129T/Th2-2:50Shea
CFL cooking class
CFL students in hallway
CFL student drawing