John Wood Admissions

Your College, for Your Life!Welcome to JWCC. We are so excited that you are considering John Wood!

If you are looking for a college with great academics, student life and want to save a lot of money in the process, then look no further.  

The admissions process is easy. Let's get started.

  • Fill out an admissions application
  • Send us your official transcripts (high school, GED, or any college)
  • Take a placement test

See...we told you it was simple.

If you have any questions, we are here to help!

High School Students- Contact Rebecca Askew 217.641.4358 or

Adult Students/Online Students- Contact either Sharon Meyer 217.641.4361 or or Matthew Bilgri 217.641.4336 or

Missouri Area Students - Contact Paul Sulser 217.641.4338 or during summer months contact Brittany McKeown 217.641.4339 or


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