Students gather at computers in the JWCC Library

Financial Aid

JWCC Student writingThe John Wood Community College Financial Aid Office is here to help students find funding to help pay for their education. Over half of all full-time students receive some kind of financial aid assistance.

Financial aid consists of scholarships, grants, loans (which must be repaid), and part-time employment. JWCC makes every effort within its means to help all students with limited financial resources secure the funds needed to complete their educational goals.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact our office and talk with one of our financial aid staff members.

As of Friday, April 16, 2021, JWCC awarded $616,300 of CRRSAA funds to students.  JWCC’s grant award amount is $622,896.

CRRSAA insert sent with student checks.

Awarding based on need:

  • Pell eligible Student (EFC 5711 or less):  $200 for students enrolled in less than 9 hours, $700 for students enrolled in 9 hours or more.
  • FAFSA filers with EFC 5712 or above and non-filers:  awarded $200 block grant
  • High School Students:  awarded $200 block grant
  • Non-credit students:  Reviewed for individual course charge over $163 or no third party funding source.  Awarded $200
  • College for Life Students:  awarded $300
As of Thursday, October 15, 2020, JWCC awarded $622,896 to 1,105 students who were adversely impacted by COVID-19.  All funds are depleted at this time.

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