Blazing a trail is rarely a straight path

Are you second guessing your college choice?

Transferring in to JWCC has clear advantages:

  • Smaller classes
  • Accessible instructors – no teaching assistants
  • Supportive environment
  • Flexible majors and job shadowing to explore your interests
  • Close to home
  • Small, safe campus
  • Affordable, quality education
  • No expensive room & board charges

Flexibility to find the best path for you…

During traditional semesters, summer or winter break, students often complete general education requirements at JWCC to transfer to a four-year college or university. We also offer applied associate degrees that lead directly into in-demand local job markets.

How Much Does JWCC Cost?

$5,120 crossed out

$500 per year

Average cost


JWCCCollege B
What You Owe =$500/yearWhat You Owe =$6,330/year
Transfer in to JWCC

Make your move!

Now more than ever, students are looking for something more affordable, safer and closer to home. John Wood fulfills those needs. And an added plus, we are best online college in the state of Illinois!

To Get Started…

  1. Apply and be accepted to JWCC
  2. Send us your FAFSA

Contact us to learn more…

  • tour campus
  • meet with admissions, financial aid, and advising
  • talk to a student who transferred in to JWCC
  • create a transfer degree plan
  • consider your semester class schedule

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