Welcome to the IT Department

To inform, train, and service students, staff, and faculty on the different technologies that are available to them while at John Wood Community College. To help you get started, please visit our Getting Started page with some quick steps

We have over 30 computer labs, including a Mac Lab for our Graphic Design students. Some of the labs are for class use and some labs are for general use. We also have 46 smart classrooms, which include internet access, A\V equipment, and digital document cameras. The Library is open to the general public for access with a guest account. For more information about our labs and other services, download our Technology Packet.

Our campus has wireless  accessibility. We have several hotspots in every building and on every floor on the main campus as well as wireless accessibility at our locations.

The following is list of some of the services Information Technology has to offer to students faculty, and staff:

  • JWCC Computer Assistance
  • JWCC Network\Email Assistance
  • Printer\Copier Assistance
  • JWCC Software\Hardware Support
  • SOLAR Logon Assistance
  • SCT Banner Assistance
  • Classroom Audio\Video Assistance