Evan Conover sitting on the stage
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For the Love of Music

Evan Conover is a sophomore at John Wood Community College who is still deciding exactly what major he wants to pursue. While undecided on his official course of study, he is also taking every music class he can.

“Currently, I am taking Music Theory, Choir, Vocal Show, and Piano. I am also taking voice lessons,” said Evan.

Before enrolling at JWCC, Evan wasn’t aware the community college had so much to offer when it came to music. Evan began to become aware of the possibilities when he was invited to audition for a music scholarship.

“I knew I wanted to go to college here in the region.  I made the decision to attend John Wood when Dr. Soebbing called me and told me about the music scholarship auditions,” Evan said. “So I stepped up and auditioned and got a music scholarship.  With that, I saved a lot of money.”

After arriving on campus, Evan quickly learned there are a variety of courses and student groups that have allowed him to develop his musical abilities.

“I have learned to play piano since coming here. I am also the president of the Music Club,” said Evan. “I would absolutely recommend John Wood and their music program to others. I am getting a great education.”

While not an official music major, Evan has grabbed the attention of his professors.

“Evan is exceptionally talented. He is a wonderful tenor in choir and vocal show,” said Dr. Steven Soebbing, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at JWCC. “He has seized upon all the opportunities presented to him and really grown as a person and a student during his time here.”

The feelings of admiration are mutual.  Evan has enjoyed his time at JWCC and thinks others might too.

“If someone really wanted to make music their future job or fulltime job, I would tell them about the music department at John Wood Community College and about what good instructors they have, and all the cool stuff they do throughout the year.”