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Email You can also text or call 217.393.8400.

What is a Career Coach?

A Career Coach is available to students like you to help navigate your many options after high school. The Career Coach can help you determine your career options, access financial and academic resources and come up with a personalized plan to help you succeed after graduation.

Who can use a Career Coach?

  • Students feeling pressure to pick a major or career
  • Students who are unsure what their options are
  • Students who know what they want to do, but need help figuring out how
  • Juniors and Seniors can apply; preference will be given to Seniors and students pursuing career and technical programs


  • One-on-one monthly meeting with career coach
  • In-person or virtual sessions
  • Help navigate ALL options after high school
  • Connections to financial and person resources
  • Mentor continues into college at JWCC

When I started my Sr. year, I was so stressed. My first meeting calmed my fears and let me know I wasn’t alone.

Nina Voga, 2021 Liberty HS Graduate