man pulling a box in a warehouse


Students gain practical skills and industry knowledge to help companies efficiently and effectively transport products from manufacturers to customers, including:

  • technical knowledge in logistic/warehousing
  • supply chain management
  • quality control and continuous improvement methods
  • interpersonal relationship skills
  • supervisory skills

This certificate is also valuable for individuals seeking to upgrade their current skills or advance into a supervisory role. During the program, students take the nationally recognized Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Certified Logistic Technician (MSSC-CLT) exams. Upon completion of the certificate, graduates may enter the workplace or continue the path to an AAS degree in logistics and operations management. This 12-class certificate is available online.

man looking at boxes in a warehouse

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Suggested Degree Plan for Logistics Certificate
Do not use this degree plan as a substitute for an advisor. Always meet with an advisor to discuss your specific needs for completing the program before signing up for classes each semester.
First Semester Details
BUS 101 Introduction to Business Details 3
A functional view of various aspects of business. Emphasis on the operation of a business and the relationships to the environment in which it exists.
Prerequisites: (none)
CSC 107 Word Processing - Core Level (MS Word) Details 2
An introduction to the use of word processing software. Topics covered include creating, printing, and editing Word documents; formatting characters and using Help; formatting paragraphs and documents; customizing documents; creating and formatting tables; and enhancing documents with special features.
Prerequisites: (none)
FYE 101 Blazing Your Trail Details 1
Directed to new students, this course provides a supportive transition to the culture of higher education. Course objectives aim at preparing students for the college experience by acquiring effective learning techniques and by becoming aware of available college resources for academic and personal growth. This course also develops students' abilities, which will assist them with the complexities of college life.
Prerequisites: (none)
LOM 100 Introduction to Logistics Management Details 3
This course presents an overview of logistics and supply chain management, customer service, and inventory management for personnel working in retail, wholesale and the manufacturing sectors. Course content is based on the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Certified Logistic Technician (MSSCCLT) curriculum. When taking this class online, students are required to take the MSSC-CLA exam and the MSSC-CLT exam at JWCC or any authorized MSSC testing facility.
Prerequisites: (none)
LOM 102 Supply Chain Management Details 3
This course introduces basic supply chain principles including warehousing, transportation and distribution.
Prerequisites: (none)
Various PSY 101 / PSY 145 Details 3
Choose PSY 101 or PSY 145.
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology Details 3
Basic introduction to the major areas of psychology--the study of behavior and the mind. Areas of emphasis include human development, personality theory, learning, thinking, stress and motivation, mental illnesses, and biological and social aspects of behavior. Course will combine research with real life application throughout. IAI: S6 900.
Prerequisites: (none)
PSY 145 Human Relations in the Workplace Details 3
Introduction to the application of guidelines for the field of human relationships in the workplace. The course will examine the information and guidelines to promote effective functioning in the workplace. Topics covered will include diversity in the workplace, groups and organizations, ethics, productivity, teamwork communication, and motivation. Also emphasized will be workplace attitudes for job satisfaction, interpersonal relations, dealing with stress and discrimination, and career choice planning.
Prerequisites: (none)
Second Semester Details
BUS 125 Supervisory Management Details 3
Basic techniques supervisors need to know for motivating and handling people, managing their jobs, and succeeding in a supervisory position.
Prerequisites: (none)
CSC 104 Spreadsheets - Core Level (Excel) Details 2
An introduction to the use of the electronic spreadsheet, a software package with many diverse applications in bookkeeping and accounting. Topics include basic spreadsheet terminology and concepts, creating spreadsheets, use of formulas and formatting, moving data within and between workbooks, maintaining workbooks, creating charts, and enhancing the display of workbooks.
Prerequisites: (none)
Various ENG 101 / ENG 191 Details 3
Choose ENG101 or ENG191.
ENG 101 Rhetoric and Composition I Details 3
An introductory course in writing at the college level with attention to skills needed at each stage of the writing process. Placement in ENG 101 presupposes competence in English grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and spelling. IAI: C1 900.
Prerequisites: ENG 099 with a grade of "C" or above or appropriate placement score
ENG 191 Business Communication Details 3
This course instructs students in the techniques of composing effective business letters, memoranda, electronic communication, resumes and cover letters, and reports. It covers introductory business communication principles including intercultural communication, teamwork strategies, business etiquette, meeting strategies, business presentations, and employment communication.
Prerequisites: ENG 099 with a grade of "C" or above or appropriate placement score.
LOM 101 Transportation Details 3
This course presents an overview of transportation, the transportation environment, the basic modes of transportation, the regulatory and public policy frameworks, and emerging transportation management issues.
Prerequisites: (none)
LOM 104 Introduction to Warehouse Management Details 3
An examination of warehouse management related to physical layout, personnel, strategies, safety and performance and its involvement with inventory and transportation management within the supply chain.
Prerequisites: (none)
MAT 109 Elementary Statistics Details 3
A study of the collection and interpretation of statistical data. Specific topics include description of sample data, probability, probability distributions, sampling, estimation, testing hypotheses, correlation, and regression. IAI: M1 902.
Prerequisites: MAT 020 with a grade of "C" or above within two semesters, appropriate placement score, or consent of department

Gainful Employment: For more information about graduation rates, cost, the median debt of students who complete the program, and other information, please view our Gainful Employment information for the particular certificate of study.