PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS  JW Cooperates with University of Illinois

Required Curriculum

28 Semester Hours



AGR 202 Introduction to Animal Science OR

AGR 204 Intro to Crop Science



AGR Mechanics Elective** 2
FYE 101 Blazing Your Trail 1
Approved Elective* 2-4
Approved Elective* 2-4
Approved Elective* 2-4
      Total 12-19


AGR 150 Ag & Consumer Related Occup I  1
AGR 175 Computer Appl in Agribusiness 3
AGR 189 Agriculture Finance & Records 3
Approved Elective* (choose one 3 or 4 cr. hr. course) 3-4
Approved Elective* 2-4
      Total 12-15


AGR 199 Occupational Internship I 4


*Approved Electives: AGR 152-Natural Resource Management, AGR 155-Crop Technology Management, AGR 161-Animal Evaluation & Selection I, AGR 162-Animal Evaluation and Selection II, AGR 164-Animal Nutrition & Health, AGR 165-Beef Management – Breed to Wean, AGR 166-Beef Management – Wean to Finish, AGR 167-Applied Beef Production Skills, AGR 169-Artificial Insemination – Cattle, AGR 174-Artificial Insemination – Swine, AGR 177-Equine I, AGR 180-Swine Management – Breeding & Genetics, AGR 181-Swine Management – Farrow to Market, AGR 182-Applied Pork Production Skills, AGR 188-Agriculture Sales and Marketing, AGR 200-Intro to Soil Science, AGR 202-Intro to Animal Science, AGR 203-Ag Economics for Consumers, AGR 204-Principles of Crop Science, CMN 101-Intro to Speech, ENG 101-Rhet & Comp I, ENG 191-Business Writing, MAT 100-Technical Mathematics, VET 101-Veterinary Assistant I, VET 102-Veterinary Assistant II

**AGR Mechanics Electives: AGR 171-Intro to Electricity, AGR 172-Intro to Welding, AGR 173-Advanced Welding